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I'm recording 4 tracks for a choir, I'd like to record them separately, and be able to burn 5 tracks to a CD: the 4 separated parts as well as a track with them all merged. I've already recorded the 4 tracks in Garageband. Is this possible???


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Just solo one track at a time and share.
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    As Steve said, by soloing a GB Track you can export just that Track. You should Share to iTunes (full quality) then you can burn the CD from there once you have them all in. GB will only do one burn at a time to a CD so you couldn't get multiple (CD) tracks. (Let's make sure we're clear on language and the difference between a Track in GB and a song, or track on a CD. When you say you've recorded 4 tracks in GB I'm assuming you mean one song with 4 parts, each on its own Track.)