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    Have you tried some of the sample scripts for Automator or had it record your actions to see how your
    workflow actions could be contracted or simplified and shortcut paths to and from named folders instead
    of general locations, would work out?

    That you were trying to use the Finder (Desktop folder - each account has one) as a basis of an Automator
    script tells me you are experimenting, but this fact remains and specific locations for repetitive tasks would
    be the way to go; and if you can have Automator locate an alias, it can also find and use the original folder.

    Also, when your only user account has an issue, where something gets messed up, you would be thinking
    again how (ir)relevant that discussion was. Then, those user accounts and ID numbers start to make sense.
    Second and third user accounts can be very handy; especially if you use a lesser one as a daily account
    and only use the Admin one to install or upgrade software to the computer; and troubleshooting purposes.

    {Well, I've spent several hours today in and around a hospital; so now I'm feeling a bit unwell. That's the
    value of no health care options, & non-livable wages. Had I been going for my benefit, I'd be very weller!}

    Good luck in whatever form your Mac pattie melts!
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