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duuchess Level 1 (0 points)
there is one message which just keeps arriving, duplicating itself constantly in the recovered messages file. If I delete them the stream still continues. Since this is the first action it does when receiving messages it means that none of my other email messages are getting through at all. Please help!!!

mac book pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • Gregory Mcintire Level 4 (2,170 points)
    I don't know what you mean by "the recovered messages file". I don't see that on my Mail app. Also I assume you are referring to the Apple "Mail" application.

    Can you not "Enable junk mail filtering" in "Mail" Preferences and then set the filters to do something such as return to sender. Or in the "Rules" preference can't you set a rule to Redirect Message or Delete Message to any message from that sender or any message that has certain terms or phrases that you rogue message has?

    There are a whole lot of things you can do with Rules. I don't know if this will help solve your problem but it is a place to start.
  • duuchess Level 1 (0 points)
    Thank you responding. Yes I refer to apple mail and there are sections called mailboxes, Rss and on my mac.Under on my mac is a folder called recovered messages ( it wasn't on my last computer either) Since the message that keeps arriving is a copy of one that I sent to a third party I think it would be quite difficult to isolate it in the way that you you suggested. One person suggested that I remove the particular email account that it pertains to and then put it back on again. It worked for that particular message but today I realised that I wasn't getting emails agin on my blackeberry and when I looked at my computer lo and behold another one has started behaving in the same way. I have removed it again to stop it but I can'y keep doing this every time i send an email with attachments ( both of these emails have had photos from iphoto attached) Someone else has suggested that I go to mail>preferences>advanced and untick 'remove copy from server after retrieving a message' Lets see if that works
  • David Harrod Level 1 (25 points)
    I have just started having this problem as well.
    As an aside MAIL has been very crashy recently. It freezes up frequently and often will not launch. I've been using the sqlite rebuild trick to clean things up but I don't know if this is really helping.

    After one such crash recently when I got it open again the "Recovered Messages (Main Gmail Account)" appeared in the ON MY MAC folder and it is continually being filled with a message that was sent with an attachment - though not from iPhoto. I can delete these messages and the mailbox will fill up again. This is a message that I sent shortly before this started happening.

    The account in question is a G-Mail account that is accessed through IMAP. I've tried un-checking 'enable this account' and 'check mail automatically' to see if I get any relief. If this doesn't help I'll try nuking the account and starting over again. I'll let you know what I find out.
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    i am having EXACTLY the same problem....completely shutting down my email, as a result of the mail box entitled "recovered messages" continually loading an email that had been sent days ago with IPHOTO attachments.....they cannot be deleted, and it is choking the whole program. My email account is not through GMAIL but via ATT.......I am baffled! Sorry this is happening to others, but hope we can find a fix!

  • John Strung Level 6 (13,440 points)
    I am having the came problem with Snow Leopard and Gmail using IMAP
  • John Strung Level 6 (13,440 points)
    I found the answer here:


    The long and short of it is that you have to quit mail and then delete the invisible folder


    Then delete all the items in the Recovered Messages folder in Mail
  • John Strung Level 6 (13,440 points)
    I suppose a cache cleaning utility like Onyx


    might also do the job, although I didn't try that.
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    I had the exact same problem when I tried to send a file that was too large. I deleted the Gmail account that it was constantly recovering, and then reinstalled. That stopped the problem immediately. Good luck
  • Steve Macko Level 2 (150 points)
    Thank you! That worked... Of course, I don't trust it now, and will shut down Mail when I leave the computer...