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I use a Airport Extreme as my main router. I want to improve it's wireless signal because in my father's room it is a little weak because of the arquitecture of the apartment. I have other Linksys router that I am not using (it is a 802.11n too). Can I use it as a bridge to improve the signal of my Airport Extreme? Do I have to connect it with the Ethernet cable to the Airport?

P.S.: What is gateway?


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    Welcome to the discussions, ChicoMac!

    If you have an AirPort Extreme(n), you could use any of the other Apple(n) routers to "extend" the wireless network without using ethernet connections between them, but the Linksys would not be compatible in this type of wireless configuration.

    You could run an ethernet cable from one of the LAN ports to the Linksys and set it up to broadcast a wireless network with the same name (SSID), security and password as your main network. Set the wireless channel of the Linksys as far away from the wireless channel that the AirPort Extreme is using to help minimize interference between the two devices.

    "Gateway" is a term for a product that is a combination modem/router.
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    Thank you!!!