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mkatzpp Level 1 Level 1
yesterday i deleted a movie off my phone. for some reason i deleted the movie directly from the video section of my iphone. i swiped right on the movie and deleted it that way rather than using itunes to delete it (much faster without itunes). anyway, when i did that i noticed that i didn't gain any space. i rebooted and again no space gain. when i plugged my phone into itunes i noticed that the entire movie which was no longer on my phone had randomly shifted to the 'other' section.

i've tried just about every combo of moving that movie and and off of my phone, restarting itunes, restarting my phone, hard reboot of my phone, reading forums, deleting apps, installing apps, resyncing, putting different movies on and taking them off, etc, etc, etc...

anyone have suggestions how to remove my 'phantom movie' that is obviously still in the iphone memory cache?

32gb 3gs
not jailbroken or was it ever.

HP, Windows Vista
  • neuroanatomist Level 7 Level 7
    You'll need to perform a Restore via iTunes. Sync first so you have a recent backup. All your content and settings will be restored.
  • mkatzpp Level 1 Level 1
    there's like 1000 posts and web pages saying to restore. that's not a solution, that's restarting everything over again.

    does anyone have an actual solution to the problem? some fix or workaround?
  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10
    You could try diskaid to delete the remnants on your phone, do a google search. Unfortunately, apple does not provide a way to directly access the files on the iphone stored in "other". Your only choice would be to restore or third party software. As a rule, I never delete apps, movies, podcasts, music, etc directly on the phone. I always use itunes to prevent stuff like this from happening.
  • OrangeMarlin Level 5 Level 5
    I had this happen once. YMMV, but I actually added the movie back in iTunes. Synched. Then deleted again in iTunes. Seemed to work for me. But I'm on a Mac, so maybe it works a bit better, I have no clue.

    Try it. Won't lose much time trying it.
  • slimsocal Level 1 Level 1
    were you able to fix that phantom "other" hard drive space problem on your iPhone? I'm having the same issue and not about to restore to the factory settings. I tried syncing the movie files in question and deleting them from iTunes again but that didn't do it. Appreciate the advice.