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Hi, I have an iPod touch 2nd generation. Ever since we got WiFi in our house, my iPod will only connect to the router if it is close to it. If I go outside that close range, it loses the signal.

iPod touch 2nd generation, Windows XP
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    Power cycle your router as the first step. If it continues to be a problem, try the following on your touch:

    1. Reset network settings
    2. Log back onto your network using Settings > WiFi > Other network
    3. Write back if the problem persists - and include some information about your router, network setup, etc.
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    Thanks, but it's still not working.
    The thing is, my brother's iPod touch works fine on the WiFi. Does this mean it's a problem with the iPod?
    I finally updated to OS 3.1, that didn't make a difference either.
  • luvlabs Level 4 (3,610 points)
    It could be a hardware problem but you should test it on another network to be sure.