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Kelly Budd Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
After using Itunes Store for many purchases without problems I am suddenly having trouble listening to the music sample prior to purchase. The music plays for approx 3 seconds then stops with the 'rebuffering stream' box appearing, then it plays another couple of secomds and does the same again, on and off right through the song, any ideas why.??? My ISP claims there is no problem through them. Thanks

Asus, Windows Vista, Personal
  • Christiane Kalverkamp Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem It must have something to do with Windows, because the problem only occurs on my notebook under Vista. With XP which I'm using on my computer there are no problems with iTunes. Perhaps we should change to Windows 7?
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    I have this very same problem, and I too have Windows Vista. However, I never had this problem with previous versions of iTunes. So now I'm not sure if it's Windows Vista or iTunes 9 that's the problem.
  • Doc M Level 3 Level 3 (785 points)
    Hi, everyone--

    First off, don't run out and get Windows 7 unless you can afford it.

    The issues MAY be iTunes 9...but it also may not. Even taking "Cyber Week" into account (and thus heavier web traffic), don't let your ISP get away with that.

    Try this: shut down iTunes, then shut down your computer. Turn it back on, and then check under iTunes>check for updates and see if everything is really up to date. Also, check your firewall programming and make sure it's set to allow iTunes full access. Same goes for your security software.

    Let me know how/if this works out!

    Best of luck--