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Is anyone else seeing the trend of "slow performance" topics? I doubt it's a coincidence. Is Apple seeing this trend?

Could it be....

1. A virus - I'm sure somebody wants to be the first one to shove it in our faces that we don't have virus problems....and oh what a rock star that guy/gal would be....
2. A Snow Leopard flaw - some type of creeping problem

My system has become annoyingly slow even after a $144 trip to the shop to replace a fan of all things. And "mdworker" and MDS are chewing up my system resources - whatever they are!?!? Done venting for now, thanks for reading.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    Out of curiosity is Spotlight indexing your hard drive?...click on the Magnifying Glass in the upper right corner to see...just wondering...
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    +Is anyone else seeing the trend of "slow performance" topics?+

    Sure, but it's probably a result of installing things that are not yet compatible with Snow Leopard. Failure to un-install them just makes things even worse:)

    I also expect a number of users are confusing their Leopard install discs and their SL install discs. Once SL has been installed, Leopard discs must be brought out only to run Apple Hardware Test. Then put them away where no one will just grab them and use them because they're handy.

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    yes, it is indexing my computer....that's the first I've seen that....how do I stop it. I don't even use Spotlight ( I know, bad mac user!)
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    Well you could go into System Preferences and then select Spotlight ...select Privacy...and add the Mac HD to the list and it will stop...I would recommend just letting it finish though...while Spotlight is indexing it will slow the machine down drastically because it is already working hard with the indexing

    I kind of wonder if that isn't part of the slow downs on the brand new iMacs as that is the first thing that the OS does when you first get going..
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    problems is it never finishes....so I can't let it finish.
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    Then stop it...won't hurt anything
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    Thanks so much for the tips. I'll try that. But I'd rather not stop it at some point in the future - you know because it should work and that's not fixing the problem, it's just avoiding it.
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    It will eventually finish and CPU cycles will calm down...I just can't say how long it will take...
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    well, my computer has been on 24/7 since I got it back on Thursday and it never finished....so waiting a month or so for it to index is not an option....so I'll continue to be a luddite and not use spotlight - which is fine as long as the computer works the way its supposed to in every other way!

    Seriously thank you! It sounds so nice not to hear the grinding of the hard drive working away!

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    The problem is Airport.

    If you disable it your are going to see your computer becomes responsive again.
    Another quick fix is to put it to sleep and on again. (it disables the Airport that's why it works).

    Looks like a simple update will fix this, when available.

    PS: I had this problem on my 21' imac and replaced for a brand new one that had the same problem.