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Ok.. so I've got 3 macs, and connect to one via the finder - shared - "connect as" button.
enter username and password .. click connect.

works as advertised. browse remote filesystem, do stuff, very good.

now, wishing to connect as another user to the same mac, I click "disconnect", which for all intents and purposes appears to work (see "note below" .. cuz it doesn't)

If i stay on the shared system name, without clicking anything else, and click "connect as" button again, entering a new user's name and password, the expected behavior would be that it connects as the new user.


it connects as the first user... which defeats the purpose of disconnecting.

"note below"

if i disconnect from shared system, then click on another folder in sidebar, then click back to the shared system, it reconnects as if i never disconnected.

this works the same from two different macs, both trying to connect to the 1st mac's shares.


comparing things, I discovered that the system I want to connect to has Sharing via SMB enabled, and not via AFP.

being a bit fuzzy with long term memory, I flipped this back to AFP, and disabled SMB.

now.. I am unable to connect to the system at all with the "connect as" button. It just shows "Connecting..." for a while, then "Connection Failed" pop up panel.

(perhaps in the far reaches of time, I had enabled SMB due to the failure to connect via AFP)

I have also checked the operation between the other two systems, and the "Disconnect" button doesn't work here either.

Mounting the share with username and password, then browsing, disconnect, then clicking Desktop, then back to share.. the shared system is still connected.

either way...

since SMB doesn't work as I need it to, and AFP doesn't work at all.. I kindly request some helpful advice in resolving this issue.

Share system is running 10.5.8, as is one of the other systems, and the third is on 10.5.6 (for now, was planning on copying the combo update from share, but.... )

Thank you kindly in advance...

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