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    Open the case with . Tell them you need it for work. If you bought it directly from  website, they may allow to keep the current defective unit, while they ship another. Cross your fingers on getting a perfect replacement. I think by the time we get into February, we're going to see less defective iMacs being shipped. Just a gut feeling I have. But definitely report it to !
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    Read and a whole new world will open up to you.
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    Chico, it was their answer on monday, this week.
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    So I have an i7 iMac.

    I took delivery Dec 29, its a week 52 machine built in China.

    Long story/short. I took a video of it flickering and blacking out with my cell phone, emailed it to myself and plopped it on the desktop. Brought it to the genius bar. He looked it over, saw the yellowing, watched the video and pretty immediately set me up for a replacement, no additional questions, though he claimed this was the first he'd heard of this issue. He could not replace it in the store because its an i7 so applecare would have to take care of that.

    I just got off the phone with applecare. The first girl that answered said this issue was a "capture." Which apparently means they want the machines back. The guy I talked to was very nice. He took some creditcard info (no charge or hold placed on the card) from me to send me an immediate replacement so I have the use of mine in the interim. They are sending me a NEW replacement not a refurb. I had mine set-up with a VESA arm. The screw-heads for my VESA adapter were a bit stripped from being removed, he is replacing that too.

    Overall I am very happy with applecare, though I'd obviously be happier if this weren't the case but life goes on.

    Re: The replacement process. The way I understand it there are two options.
    1. They send you labels. You pack up the machine and send it to them. Upon confirmation that the carrier has received the package Apple begins the shipment process for your replacement.

    2. You give them CC info, no charge/hold etc. is placed on it and sign some legal docs. Apple sends you your replacement including return labels. You pack your bad machine and use the new labels. Upon confirmation of receipt from the carrier you are cleared and your CC is never touched. They take your info so you have an incentive to send the bad machine back.
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    Zedmin, if this were simply the case for all of us, it would be a pain enough, but yes the applecare return works quite smoothly. However, this is NOT being offered to all of us; I purchased my i7 at a dealer, and Applecare insists that I deal only with them; my dealer tells me that he could try to fix it but he has never heard of this issue (screen flicker etc) so I am not happy with that option either because I don't think this machine is repairable.

    To quote the Apple tech, "would you try to return a shirt to Walmart, even though you bought it at the Gap?"

    I have spoken to Applecare on 3 different occasions and I am frustrated that a replacement option, even if it was a delayed shipment, was never offered to me even though I tried insisting. I am continuing to use my flickering mac and waiting to hear a "final word" about a solution for the rest of us. As time passes, however, it is always on my mind; I'm trying to be patient but everyone seems to be getting a different story from Apple and I don't know what to do.
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    zedmin wrote:

    Overall I am very happy with applecare, though I'd obviously be happier if this weren't the case but life goes on.

    I really admire your coolness and I hope for you that your next one is nothing than perfect.

    I decided today to wait with my order until Feb 4. It seems, that Apple has found a fix. We all can hope there is a turnaround in this story.
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    Stopped by Apple Store in downtown Vancouver yesterday and rep had no knowledge of this issue. Sad! #fail
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    skullcat, I too bought from a Reseller (B&H in NYC). I'm on my first exchange with B&H. When I called Apple I told them, If my replacement is bad, what should I do? She said "just keep sending it back until you get a good one. The reseller is who you should go to". I then replied, "Listen! I don't have time to ship my Computer back & forth, having 2 weeks in between the process to live without a computer. I then stated " I want Apple to deal with me if this exchange is another defective iMac". She then said I could call Apple if I get another return& they would deal with it. Now I don't know if she is blowing smoke up my * , but that's what she said. And if this keeps happening, I am making sure I go to Apple. It's not the Resellers problem that Apple shipped a bunch of defective Products, It's Apple's fault & problem.
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    citrus101 wrote:
    I decided today to wait with my order until Feb 4. It seems, that Apple has found a fix. We all can hope there is a turnaround in this story.


    Where did you get that info from?
    On this board or from Apple?

    If it's not from an official Apple statement, then is't just rumors!
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    turnabout ... grrrr ... my bad English!!!
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    I agree: why is my dealer having to do all the work, for he has done his job perfectly. It is APPLE that is manufacturing these defective machines. Apple is doing a disservice by to their dealers by making THEM deal with all of the hassles; as well, Apple is not informing every dealer abut the issue, so that they cannot possibly give good service their customers because they do not have the knowledge.

    Does Apple ONLY want their customers to deal with them online from now on? Don't they see their loyal apple resellers are going to lose customers? Why would I risk buying an iMalfunction from my local dealer in the future, if it means that Applecare won't help me out?
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    Okay I'll chime in with my two cents as well.

    I ordered my core i5 on the 16th of this month when it said delivers in two weeks. When I finished my order it said delivery on Feb 5th. That's three weeks, not two, from that day (minus one day).
    I called Apple on the 20th to ask about changing to the core i7. The rep said that I should do it within the next three to four days because they were building them by hand and may ship early.

    I don't think that this is the case.

    I think Apple has found the solution based on the few of you with week 03 and newer iMacs. In addition to that, after reading the threads here, it looks like A LOT of people got pushed back to take delivery AFTER the 27th, so whatever they plan to announce will already be in our iMacs.
    I say this because how easy would it be for us to return or cancel our orders on the 27th then REorder after our refunds?

    No I think it has been solved and iLife '10 or whatever else they are coming out with will be included and they don't want us to have it early (I think someone else stated this hypothesis already).
    Call me crazy, but that's what I think. (Read: That's what I HOPE!)
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    Yes, you're right, it's only rumors, but what I found very interesting today is, that there were different people from very different locations reporting, that we can hope, that after Feb 4, Apple starts with better machines. The problem is, that we can just speculate and only an official Apple-Statement can be the finish line of this thread.
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    I concur.

    Apple, please put an end to this thread with an official statement saying that ALL of the iMacs that will begin shipping will be 100%.
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    skullcat, Apple definitely have to help you out in the end. And I'm sure they will. A reseller is going to get tired of sending shipping labels for defective product. Funny thing though, my reseller is a Large retailer in NY & they have no record of a lot of iMacs being returned. Last I heard there was only 3 returned. 2 for a shipping issue & one was DOA. That is a small amount for a store like them during Christmas Season. And it's not like people from NY are not noticing defects or are settling for defective machines. Believe me, I'm from NY. We complain like ** if every things not perfect, when we buy something. It's our nature to. So what I'm saying is although we are all unlucky ********, the percentage could be lower than it seems, as Pazuita, has been saying from the beginning.