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    Nexus600 wrote:
    Not Zura wrote:
    I concur.

    Apple, please put an end to this thread with an official statement saying that *ALL of the iMacs that will begin shipping will be 100%*.

    Not Zura,

    Apple will never say that!
    But they could announce that they have found the problem and fixed it.
    That would be nice!

    At least we would know that we can buy or exchange or send in for repair safely!

    Okay yeah, they wouldn't say THAT but you catch my drift
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    Lanny wrote:
    downtown56 wrote:
    I returned my week 52 27" iMac a couple weeks ago due to the yellow-tinge. I received my replacement, week 03, this Monday and on Wednesday it appeared to flicker for a quick moment. Now as I'm typing I'm seeing very slight flickers. Also, there still is slight yellowing on the screen and appears to be getting worse. I'm slightly disappointed since this is my first iMac after switching from a PC, but I will not give up until I receive a perfect one.

    Edit: both of my units were made in California

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    Edit: both of my units were made in California?

    Aren't they all made in China?

    I don't think so. When I called about my i5 he said "hand built" which leaves me to believe it is being put together in Cali not "manufactured" in China.

    My thoughts...
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    " How can you be so unlucky"...........

    I don't even need to answer that one other than to say...Murphy's Law seems to be enforced in my life more than any other law on the books.

    There are a lot of contradictions in the numbers.

    How do you explain the fact that no, absolutely no major media is reporting on problems with the new models? The media loves to bash on Apple, yet they are silent on this issue.

    How do you explain the fact that on a website that is established for no other reason than to count the number of defective new model iMacs, can only account for less than 2000 out of millions sold? And that is from all issues, not just the flickering. The flickering only accounts for about 700 units, out of millions.

    How do you explain the fact that at any given time, there are only about a dozen active posters on this forum, complaining of defective units, when it is the most prominent site on the internet, even in the entire world, dealing directly with this issue?

    There is an endless list of questions I could ask that clearly indicate the percentages are minor.

    I can only partially answer your question, Why are so many getting more than one or two defective iMacs.........

    From the posts on this forum, it seems that an inordinate number of users are receiving defective iMacs from resellers. A few, like myself have received them directly from Apple, but most are coming from resellers, who I believe, may be putting defective units back on the shelf, in the belief that the customer is always wrong, and the units are not really defective, or that they can simply pass it off on someone else who won't complain.

    And yes, there are "jokers" here, more commonly known as trolls, but they are few.

    As some have suggested, there may very well be some environmental anomalies that contribute to the problem. That could easily account for the fact that the same users receive what they think are defective units, when the overwhelming majority receive perfect machines.

    And yes, some of us are just plain unlucky.
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    So, I got my iMac back from Apple Store on Wednesday. They replaced the screen and the cable (in addition to the video card and logic board which were replaced earlier but did not fix the problem). So far, the problem seems to have been fixed (knock on wood!). The receipt says that the repair was worth about $2,500, so no wonder Apple is delaying shipments of new iMacs!

    Overall, I am just hoping that the issue is fixed.
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    Yes, I agree with you, your comment is absolutely correct. There're not so many faulty machines as it seems. I'm tired of waiting now. I'm going to take the risk after Feb 4
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    It doesn't matter how many units people think are faulty, as there are no official figures to back anything up at the moment..
    All I know is that 100% of the Imac's that Iv'e had have been faulty, and that is the only thing I really know to be a fact!
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    The story is mad. After 236 pages only open questions and no answers. Pure madness!!!
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    Exactly, I bet most people don't notice. My wife would have never noticed this inconsistent screen had I not pointed it out.
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    Sorry citrus101, meant to send that to andraki. Hopefully you are right and it's not widespread. I'll find when I get the replacement.
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    I received my iMac on 21-01-2010 after waiting 3 weeks for delivery. It flickered and started blacking out immediately. I attempted to upgrade any firmware to no avail. I finally contacted the Apple Care department, who offered me the option of repair or replacement. Having worked in this industry, esp h/w for eons of time now, i opted for the latter because this is definitely a source hardware issue and no firmware is going to fix it. And I have no faith in a repair jobbie. The replacement option was available because I contacted then within 10 days of receipt and the machine is classified as a DOA. If you purchase online, you get the replacement thru the Apple Order Management Dept. Otherwise you need to got the reseller. ***** if you are a reseller.

    The rep was pleasant enough, but he then put me thru to the Apple Order Management Dept, who are not open on weekends so i got a scripted message and cut off. I will now be waiting till next week for further info. This is first Apple product I have purchased and will likely be my last if the replacement (whenever it comes) is unsatisfactory. I will not be waiting for a third machine.

    In Australia we have a 'fit for purpose' requirement on all sales and when a product is not 'fit for purpose' our consumer trading rules state that a full refund is available to the purchaser. So Apple be aware that if my replacement does not work, you will be paying me back my full purchase price. I really hope it does not come down to that, but with 236 pages of comments on this issue so far, I am not holding my hopes too high for the next one.... I hope I am wrong...
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    I just got off the phone with apple support and they informed me it was a known issue and that I should bring it into an apple store for repair. I asked about the expected time for repair and he said he didn't know, but thought that it shouldn't be too long since it's a known issue and the stores will tend to carry parts for known issues.

    Crossing fingers...
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    okay, show of hands right now. Who has had the screen and cable fixed and is STILL experiencing flickering.
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    Not Zura wrote:...
    Lanny wrote:...
    downtown56 wrote:

    Edit: both of my units were made in California

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    Edit: both of my units were made in California?

    Aren't they all made in China?

    I don't think so. When I called about my i5 he said "hand built" which leaves me to believe it is being put together in Cali not "manufactured" in China.

    My thoughts...

    The first 2 characters of the serial tell you where it was made.

    W8 = Shanghai
    YM = China
    G8 and QP = USA
    CK = Ireland
    RM = Remanufactured

    Enter your serial at Chipmunk for more info -
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    pazuita, let's not start this again. There is no evidence to support that Apple has sold "millions" of 27 inchers (let alone a million), and there's plenty of evidence that the defect rate is nicely above 1%. Don't make me copy / paste.

    And really, over a dozen friends who have bought 27 inch iMacs?

    On my end: New (replacement) i7 comes on the 28th. Ordered on the 9th. Shipment date hasn't been pushed back. Crossing fingers.