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    Thanks for the reference! Soon as mine comes in I'll report.
  • bayswater Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    "Stopped by Apple Store in downtown Vancouver yesterday and rep had no knowledge of this issue. Sad! #fail

    PC Windows 7"


    I'll call you on that, PC. I was in that store two weeks ago and everyone I spoke to knew about and acknowledged the problem. They said that none of the units sold in that store to date had come back with the problems, but said if they were, they would be replaced. It was pretty obvious they knew about it and had been told how to deal with it.
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    I've installed the last bootcamp update for windows 7 and since then I don't have the problem anymore !!! crossing fingers !
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    My 27 is still running fine... Apple will be doing a live stream on the 25th to announce Q1 sales... predictions of a 20 to 30% in sales during Q1 on the 21.5/27 over sales in Q4 (which is common due to the holiday seasons between Sept-Jan.) Q4 sales per unit were about 3.1 million.

    I wouldnt be surprised if the increase was that large.. make no sense to stream a sales slip right before they release new products on the 26th.
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    Oh, another thing, the 24 inch makes a great addition if you want to dual screen. You can get an adapter for about $20...

    Im not sure anybody really needs that much screen though.
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    Yes agent88, that definitely makes sense, Apple would never release dismal sales figures only a day or two before a new product line.

    Some early reports have said that iMac sales rose 74% with the release of the new models. The 21.5" was the best selling desktop in the US in October. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Apple take the top two or three spots, if they separate sales figures for the 27" core2s, i5s and i7s.

    Easily in the millions. Analysts were already projecting sales of 750,000+, and demand has seriously outstripped supply.
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    Brian....copy and paste as you please, if you feel the need. I would suggest you wait until Apple releases it's sales figures on Monday.

    And yes, out of the group of 50 hard core MacAddicts, more than a dozen have new 27"ers, 14 to be exact, counting myself, and another six or seven are waiting for tax refunds to make the leap.

    Most of the rest are saving up.

    All perfect machines, except mine.
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    Show me where analysts were predicting 750k sales of the 27 inch iMac and I'll leave you alone.
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    This is the link i used.

    Its a start.
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    Is it the iTablet thats coming out.... I say... Bring on the iMac touch!!!
    I will take the 27 back today for a iMac touch...
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    I hope you don't get too picky about this link, but this analyst does not project 750,000 desktops sold in the last quarter of 09.............

    The number is 865,000, based on a projected growth rate of 19% over the previous years same quarter, and 10% growth over the previous quarter.

    Later in the same article, another research firm reports the actual growth rate at 74%.

    I was really trying to be conservative when I said millions.........
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    Add me to the list...

    Got mine on Wednesday, and it started it's screen flickering/black outs on Friday.

    Admittedly, yesterday was a very hot day in my part of Sydney, so I thought the heat played a role. Today was much cooler when I switched it on, but started.

    Over the last two days, on both occasions, the screen flickered within 10-15 minutes of being switched on. After I performed a restart, didn't happen again.

    I'm not going to bother zapping the PRAM, etc. because, quite frankly, I fear the issue is bigger than any magic tricks/housekeeping.

    With the long weekend coming up, I'll try my luck with Apple on Monday 26th. I bought the computer from Dick Smith Powerhouse, along with Applecare.

    Truth be told, I'm more than a bit upset. As a uni student, I've spent months and months saving up to buy what I had originally thought was a great piece of gear for all my graphic design and photography work. It might get fixed...but just how long, who knows...

    Will report my findings with the Apple folk ASAP.
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    Nexus600 wrote:
    Many users here have been told that there replacement units would be Ok and then receive an other faulty unit.

    As some have asked for feedback from users that had a faulty iMac and got it replaced, I'd like to drop some lines now.

    In November I received my Mac 27 i5 (week 46 model) that I ordered at Apple's online store. Three or four days after that it started with all the known things that we are talking about here. So I got it replaced by apple and received the week 50 replacement shortly before Christmas. This one is so far problem free (besides a slight yellow tinge that doesn't bother me that much). In fact the first weeks I was quite sceptical and awaited the flickering to start every moment. But so far it didn't come. So I am starting to think that I received a good one. Anyhow, once Apple comes out with a solution that is H/W related (like exchanging the display) I will try to go for that. You'll never know if you sit on a time bomb ...

    Anyhow: I love my new iMac. It's a wonderful computer.
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    This one is so far problem free (besides a slight yellow tinge that doesn't bother me that much). In fact the first weeks I was quite sceptical and awaited the flickering to start every moment. But so far it didn't come. So I am starting to think that I received a good one.

    I would call it a bad good one. How can you accept the yellow tinge? Maybe I'm to pedantic, but for so much money I expect that the screen is neither flickering nor showing a yellow tinge. I could never accept it.
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    Janou:), Sorry to say but the Flicker will return. If you search through these 230 pages of posts, we have all tried similar, so called, software tricks that seemed to work for 2 or 3 days, but it wasn't a fix. In every case the flicker returns. Sorry to have to tell you that.