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    I assume you have got a back up of everything before erasing - good. The way I'd do it would be to put the install DVD in the Mac and restart holding down the c key and it will boot (slowly) from the CD/DVD drive. At the prompt screen select your language and then before re-installing go to the Utilities menu on the menu bar and select DiskUtility. From there you can select your hard drive and erase it and then proceed and do a clean install.
    This might be a slightly long-winded way of doing it but it is thorough. You might want to wait a bit and see if anybody else chimes in with another suggestion.
  • Paul_31 Level 6 Level 6 (13,180 points)
    I see your dilemma and yes, you're right, you'll probably get 20 different suggestions .
    The bottom line is this problem will be fixed by Apple and you have a 1 year warranty that you can extend to 3 years if you haven't done so already.
    Hopefully some of the rumours turn out to be true and there will be a fix issued soon. If the Mac is perfect in all other regards - no yellow tinge, damage to glass/case, etc. I'd choose to keep it, which is what I did with mine as I was concerned I may replace it with one that had other issues.
    I had mine repaired under warranty 2 weeks ago with a new screen and v-sync cable and so far everything is working perfectly. It may be that Apple come up with another fix that saves them the expense of changing countless screens and cables.
    At the very least I'd register the problem with AppleCare and get a case number.

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    Add me to the list

    I've got the new 27" iMac with 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor. The graphics card is the ATI Radeon HD 4850.

    Mine is not as bad as some of the videos I have seen on here, but it does go to black for a split second every 30 seconds or so and there are little black bands across the screen every once in a while as well.

    When we first got it, it was delivered with condensation on it because it had apparently been stored outside in the freezing cold. I thought it might have had something to do with that. Then it seemed to stop for a while, so I thought maybe I was crazy.

    Now it's back and after reading all of these comments about the same thing, I'm beyond frustrated.

    Plus, I'm in Italy... where returning things or having something fixed takes about 12 years. It's hard to nkow what to do because we already jumped right in to using it for our office... it would be hard to go back... even temporarily.

    If you're reading this and considering purchasing a new iMac... I would wait and see if this problem gets addressed.
    Mariana Pickering
    designer . Emu Architects . Cavriago, Italia
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    ******* steve!!!!!! Say something to this is getting ridiculous!!!!
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    Well, I give up. After receiving another £2000 paperweight I've gone for the refund, going to try my luck with either a mac pro or macbook pro instead. I'd gladly lose a bit of processor performance for a reliable and proven machine at this point!

    Anyone considering a new iMac - do yourself a favour and wait until Apple have the common decency to make a clear statement on the problem(s) and their resolution.
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    I said it before...
    On 27 of januari (so day after tomorrow), there will be a presentation of maybe the iTablet (?). Steve Jobs is present; "...the most important thing I've ever done..." is what I read.
    Looks like a fine oportunity to ask some questions about the flickering/yellow tinging/etc. iMacs?? Would't spoil the evening, would it?
    Maybe there'll be no journalist around asking questions.
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    I don't trust imac's anymore, and like yourself I think I'm going down the "Mac pro" road. But not before the 27th just in case there is refresh news on Mac pro & Macbook pro.
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    I hope it´s true, if its a software problem, it will be easier to fix.
    And if not, that mean a general recall, that wont be so good for anyone (them or us).
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    Hi there, my first post here.

    I just cancelled my order with Apple for a full refund. I had bought an Imac i5 and a MacBook Pro for my consultancy job/company, but I will not purchase anything until someone from Apple tells us what is going on. Spending that much money on hardware and not getting premium service is not good enough. We are already paying more for the same performance and one of the things that is supposed to make me pay more, apart for the cool look is support, service and quality. Neither seems very good atm.

    I waited for a few weeks and am now considering buying a pc based solution instead or wait until things work or Apple gets their finger out their ***** and starts communicating with their customer base.

    I hope the Apple staff is reading this. Open communication would help you a great deal here. You look like youre screwing up on this one and keeping silent about problems only raises my concern about possible support issues and support quality. It also makes me think your standard policy is to silence problems, rather than fix them.

    With Kind regards
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    I agree with you 100%
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    Hi everyone,
    still frustrated waiting on an official word, as is everyone. Anyway, the expected "fix" expected in 3 weeks is most likely a rumour, and the delay is probably due to the shortage of components. Don't hold your breath that this is going to be addressed on Wednesday.
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    Let's hope the 2nd fix works better than the 1st one!

    I placed my iMac 27" i5 order Dec 10th on a major French retailer with confirmed delivery date for Dec 23rd, then just before X-mas received an open delivery date.

    On Jan 10th, I cancelled my order and bought an iMac 27" C2D on Apple Refurb. I was delivered 3 days after.

    Problem is, flickering comes and goes. There're weeks without any problem and suddenly, days with problems. Nothing rational.

    I don't care whether the cause is hardware, firmware, software or whatsoever: I want my computer running fine.
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    I can only tell you what the AppleCare rep told me. He said there was a document released on 1/23/10, and I believe him - it sounded legit ...
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    So I called Apple Care less than 10 minutes ago. I really wish that I recorded the conversation because the technician actually said, and I quote, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. This is a widespread problem". Moving on...

    He told me that I can return it to Best Buy for a replacement or that I can take it to the Apple Store for a repair. He suggested the repair. He told me that they would be replacing the screen and the cable for the screen. Fortunately he made an appointment for an hour from now so off to Apple I go. I do have video, screen shots and a outside photo of the problem as proof just incase I get some hassle. I'll keep everyone updated.

    - Rocket
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    I'm pretty sure that problem is not related with a video cable... Come on, three months for a simple solution like this? You can experience a flickering image if you simply touch the VGA cable on whatever PC. Also for the yellow tinge, it's common known like a fake contact on screen cable.
    In my opinion, they have a great problem with the production. The lack of components seems more realistic (especially for the cpu i5 and i7) to justify the late.
    So I don't expect great things from the upcoming three weeks. I hope I'm wrong.
    In the meanwhile, I hope that future iPad will be revolutionary like iPhone was.