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    p.hugo wrote:
    I'm pretty sure that problem is not related with a video cable...

    There's a few of us here (me included) who have had the screen and cable replaced and (so far) can report that it's fixed the problem. Admittedly there are also two or three where it didn't work, but that was fairly early on in this thread and it's possible bad parts were replaced with bad.
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    My iMac doesn't flicker too much, so I haven't tried to replace it yet. Seems to flick a lot when playing flash games and such.

    I do get an interesting problem every once in a while that will remind you old folks of the old 'horizontal hold' issue on TVs. The Mac will shift the display down about 2 inches and wrap the screen, so the dock is now at the top of the screen. I have to restart to get rid of it... Some pics for those interested
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    I had the exact same screen-shift issue (along with the screen "tearing" and flickers). I found that changing the screen resolution to a lower setting and then changing it back would fix the problem temporarily... but this was before returning my machine for a full refund.
    I'm glad to see that many are canceling orders and returning machines for refunds. I think that this is the best way to give Apple the message that this problem is not tolerable.
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    I bought my imac 27 inch few days ago and have the same flickering etc. problems and i just talked to technical support guy via phone he said apple will be releasing an update in 1 week. btw can anyone explain me the refund procedure cos if they wont release an update in 1 week i will go for a full refund(14 days).
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    Sent my i7 back for the flickering issue, and have been given a ship date of Feb 1st, with a delivery date Feb 5th. However, got a 'Credit Memo' early this morning saying funds would be returned to my card ! Anyhow, spoke to an Apple Rep today, and they have again confirmed that my ship date still stands, (suggesting the Memo was Auto-generated to acknowledge receipt of my returned machine). He also seemed pretty definite when saying 'the screen flickering was a hardware issue, which has been addressed' Here's hoping .....
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    So it's a hardware fault. NO NO it's a software fault. Ah but it's hardware.
    Or mayby it's software. It could be hardware. it seems to be software.
    It's got to be hardware. It might be software.

    Do you see were I'm going with this?
    Apple are starting to look really stupid.
    And I for one am pretty annoyed at the whole shambles!
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    andraki, Yes this is a truly pathetic situation. At this point after reading all this, considering everyone is legit on here. I can't believe all the conflicting information coming out of Apple Techs mouths! This is a Nightmare! Although I will continue to use a Mac, this has put a thorn in my side, that I will never forget. It'll make me think twice about my usual bragging about Apple. This episode will pop into my head the next time I start telling all my PC user friends, what they are missing out on & how great a Mac is. Only for the sheer fact that I will be afraid they will get a lemon.
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    2BB wrote:

    said apple will be *releasing an update in 1 week*. btw can anyone explain me the refund procedure cos if they wont release an update in 1 week i will go for a full refund(14 days).

    Here we go again with an other different information from an Apple support guy!

    A few pages back someone said an update would be out in 3 weeks, now it's in 1 week! Then they say they have a fix, then they say they don't!

    Official announcement please Apple!
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    Had my appointment with the Genius Bar this morning. The tech listened to my story and became very concerned when he saw the photo of my Dock at the top half of my screen. "Definitely a video card issue" he said. Then he played with a bunch of settings and ran my machine to its peek. Of course it didn't reproduce it. He went out back to check on something (I'm assuming to check on his stock as well as maybe make a phone call?). When he came back he didn't even ask me if it reproduced the flickering or the screen shift while he was gone. He just told me that they would like to replace it. So I came home with a new iMac. Funny thing though, the one I brought home was produced before the one I had. I'm not very hopeful on this one being ok. He did tell me not to worry though. If it happened again within the next year I still will be able to exchange it or have it repaired. So now I'm setting up my iMac, again. Like I said, I'm not holding my breath. Time will definitely tell!

    - Rocket
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    Will get my first iMac replacement tomorrow. 21.5 NVidia Week 45 Yellow & Flicker was my original iMac. I'm not feeling very confident after further reading all the new posts by new people. Of course I'll let you know either way. It really ***** instead of being excited about getting a new computer, I am now just worried & paranoid.
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    Well I wish you good luck with your No2.
    Try to sleep tonight!
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    I just got off the phone with AppleCare about the flickering and yellow tint problems on my week 03 iMac. The person said that the yellow tint has to do with a persons perception. It's the way the eye see's an image. Some people see it, some don't. This was a similar response to what I read before in the discussions. She said that there was no way that I was going to get another replacement and that in 3 weeks, someone will call me and setup an appointment to have the LCD screen replaced. I told her that I did not pay all this money to have a repaired machine. She didn't seem to care and implied that no matter what replacement I receive, the yellow tint may or may not be there. She did say that they received "35" iMacs claiming to have a yellow tint and none of the Engineers were able to see it and the displays were perfect.

    Reguarding the flickering, she said that I could bring it into an Apple store for them to look at it or to try reinstalling everything. I chose the second option. She walked me through the whole process which was nice, but I still hung up the phone very angry.

    A few minutes later I called to get a refund. If I cannot receive a good product, I'm not going to keep one that has some problems.

    I thought that this was a good time to finally switch over to a Mac but I guess I have to wait a little longer.

    I wish all of you the best of luck and I will still be checking these boards until I see that the problem is finally fixed.

    Edit: The person mentioned that the Screens for the 21" and 27" are the same and that they had no reports of yellow tinting from people with the 21"

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    downtown56, That is the absolute story I have heard so far. Now they are denying the screen has a Color Conformity Problem. That is sad. You made the right choice.
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    was told the same when I sent mine back, that someone elses perception might different than mine. Told him that my wife could see it as well. I also mentioned that if I had a display that equaled my 3 year old MacBook, I'd be happy. I'll have my new one soon. I've almost written this one off as well, before I even get it. I should be excited
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    She also mentioned that the forum is causing people not to purchase iMacs. Well maybe they should address the issue then with some public statement.