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  • Luckybob Level 1 (5 points)
    I thought I had noticed this just after the update. Mine is a week 46 and has been fine since purchase and to be honest is fine now.

    One thing I have noticed - I opened Automator and watched the quicktime video which, by the way was terrible to listen too. However, the colour a light grey background when watched flickers very gradually(bottom right of the window) - this might be my eyes? but I have found the screen to be less responsive.

    Can someone try the video and let me know if they see the same?

    You might want to turn the volume down
  • Brett L Community Specialists
    This thread is being locked as it is getting very long and causing some browsers to time out. The thread is continued in [New iMac 27inch screen flickering/tearing/shutoff (continued)|].

    Thank you,

    Brett L
    Apple Discussions Host
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