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I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse which I bought two years ago. They worked fine on a PC, but now I am using them with a Macbook. Although on the Logitech box it had clearly stated “Mac compatible” (I knew that I would eventually get a Mac, so I was conscious of this), the software CD is PC only. The keyboard seems to work okay, but the mouse more often than not does not work properly. The buttons work okay, and scrolling up is fine, but scrolling down is extremely frustrating. There is a significant delay between scrolling the mouse and this being visible on the screen; the scroll-down function is just unresponsive and totally imprecise. It’s making my arm ache!
Do I give up on Logitech and buy Mac products, or is there a solution? I bought this keyboard (shaped) and mouse because I was having some RSI problems; they were a big help in alleviating the problem. So I want to keep clear of these flat Mac keyboards and any mouse that makes the RSI problem worse.

Macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)