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It's been over a month since I have been able to get my iPhone to work with iTunes. I've only started having this issue after I upgraded to the latest version of iTunes.

Things to note:
1. I've only been using my iPhone on the same computer I have now.
2. I have been using a Microsoft webcam, which I disconnected from the computer while trying out the solutions below.
3. I previously had installed another webcam prior to the one I currently have from Microsoft, but I had uninstalled the software.

Here's what happens when I plug the USB cable into the computer:
1. iTunes does not recognize the iPhone
2. The iPhone is not listed in Windows Device Manager under USB/Portable Devices.
3. The iPhone charges but nothing else happens.
4. There are no other USB devices connected to the computer.

Here are some of the solutions I tried:
1. Checked that AppleMobileDeviceService.exe is running; it is.
2. Removed AMDS & iTunes and reinstalled; did not work.
3. Tried using different USB ports & cables; neither worked.
4. I tried connecting the iPhone to a different PC, but it still does not work.

This has been extremely frustrating as I've tried every suggestion I've come across and none of them has worked.

I appreciate your help.


3G, iPhone OS 3.1