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How do I put a page break in Numbers?
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    There is a thread on this exact same subject, currently just five posts down in the list (though that distance will increase quickly).


    Searching the forum for "page break" over the last year will find you many such posts.
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    So you have learned that Numbers doesn't have a feature that allows you to specify that this row or that column is the last one on this page, and the balance are on the page below or to the right. Rather, Numbers gives you the tools to manually split a Table by positioning it on the page so that the margin split occurs where you want it to, and to pull the Table apart anywhere you wish and put the severed portion wherever you wish. I can imagine that in a mammoth table this might be a tedious exercise, but we should appreciate the additional control that Numbers gives us, given that the average table size in Numbers is not that great. We not only can determine the table break location, we can easily manage the white space around the table.

    I believe that this is a perspective thing and given more experience with Numbers and the Numbers way of designing spreadsheets, you may come to appreciate things as they are. Or not.