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Hi, new to iphones so bear with me. Had a look on here for about half an hour, but couldn't find an answer to this problem.

I use my iphone 99% of the time as a phone. Boring I know. I downloaded some silly games and things to play. 1 of these apps is running 24hrs a day and accessing the internet to do so non-stop. My first ever bill last night, shows 100's of KB per day internet usage and Im only on a tiny data package. The date the usage started is the same day as the apps were downloaded

How do I know which app is the one(s) that are accessing the internet non-stop?

The list is:-

Wooden labyrinth
Scientific calculator
Tap tap revenge 2.6
A quest of Knights on rush
Pocket dyno
Check word Lite
Brain exercise Lite with Dr K

Thanks all.

Windows XP
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    No third-party apps have the ability to run in the background.

    Only the built-in apps from Apple can run in the background, such as email, calls, push notifications.
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    Hi Julian, thanks. My first month's phone bill shows the first 10 days with no data download and then suddenly theres 23-26 hours access and several 100 kb's being downloaded every day non-stop. As mentioned I don't use the iphone for much more than calling/receiving calls. Called my service provider here (Telstra) and they asked me to call Apple. Apple said there must be a third party app that is permanently acessing the web to update itself. The day I downloaded the above apps is the VERY same day the usage began, so your comment confuses me and what im experiencing. I've not done anything to the iphone since I've had it (other than the above downloads as I dont know how to do much with it). An amazing coincidence or one of those stupid apps IS continuously accessing the internet? Apple seems to think so. Other than cancelling them all and then waiting for next month's bil to see if it's back to zero, which app(s) is the culprit?

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    There are always a few things that access the internet even when there are no apps running. Some of this is due to your settings such as push email/contacts/calendar and a few other things. Make sure all of these are turned off.

    One of my iPhones is using a GoPhone sim and the first few months, I had no data plan on it. Every 15 minutes or so, I would get a popup telling me it cost so much money.

    Other than this, none of the app store apps can run in the background so the any of the above have to be the cause.