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I just got a new Ipod classic 160 GB version. I wanted to ask if it's just me or do the new classic's not turn off? Whenever I hold play, the screen and music shut off, but the ipod isn't completely off. Then, when I press a button or take hold off, the screen just lights up again without the preload apple logo screen.


Ipod Classic 160, Windows Vista
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    That is off in MP3 player terms, just leave it alone for a few hours and will go completely off and will have to reboot to turn on. Just hold down play, turn the hold button on and it will be fine.
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    Deggie's response is correct... when you hold the play/pause button the ipod goes to sleep mode... The screen will just go dark... Basically you're forcing it off before the iPod does it's normal delay to put itself into this mdoe.

    There are only 3 or so times that you will ever see the iPod logo..

    1 - If you manually reboot the iPod through the center & menu button
    2 - If you have recently updated the iPod's firmware
    3 - If the iPod has been unused for an extended time frame (usually quite a few days - almost a week) without being used. This is the only time that the iPod truely shuts down that far.

    While in sleep any button will immediately resume the device to an instant on...