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My Ipod nano (4th Gen) is frozen on the apple screen, and it won't go to the menu screen. I've reset it so many times, and nothing works. I've even charged it for 24hours straight, and nothing work. Can somebody help me?

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    Hello there,
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    By resetting, I assume you mean pressing and holding the Center and Menu buttons together until the Apple logo appears? I would attempt this a few more times.

    Have you tried connecting the iPod to your computer to see if your computer will recognize it? If it does, I would recommend restoring it via iTunes if at all possible.

    How about about attempting to force the iPod into Disk Mode? Instructions on how to do this can be found in this Apple support document.
    [Putting iPod into Disk Mode|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1363]

    If no luck with any other options, try letting the battery just drain. This could take a while, but if you continue to reset the iPod and forcing in into Disk Mode, it may help a bit, but probably not a lot. Your best option is to just let it sit for a few days. From there, try reconnecting it to your computer again to see if you get any recognition of the iPod by iTunes, so you can Restore it.

    Hope this helps.