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My iphone 3G S is authorized, has the latest software and I am running the latest iTunes as well on my MacBook.

When I connect the iPhone, the icon is visible on the left hand side pane in iTunes—under 'devices', but the screen freezes when I select the iphone icon, i.e. nothing seems to happen and I can't see anything related to syncing my iPhone.

File->'Sync iPod' item is also dimmed.

(Photos sync automatically, with no problem)

I can't seem to find any relevant info so far, because iTunes recognizes the iPhone in my case—but won't show the sync screen.

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iPhone 3G S, 32 GB, iPhone OS 3.1.2
  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)
    Try reinstalling the Apple Mobile Device Service and see if that fixes the problem.
    Here's apple's directions on how to do that:

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    Thank you,
    but it doesn't seem to work
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    First step is to see if the problem is with the phone, the USB or the computer. For the USB make sure you are connecting to a port on the back of the computer, not to a hub and not to the keyboard. Try connecting to a different computer. If it works you have narrowed the problem. If it doesn't the problem is the phone or the cable, so try a different cable. If it works on a different computer try creating a new user on your computer, then see if you can connect when logged on as that user (you could do this first, of course).
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    Let's try a couple of other things:
    Make sure itunes is not running.
    Launch isync in the applications folder, under preferences, "reset sync history".
    Launch disk utility in the utilities folder & repair permissions.
    Move this file to your desktop:
    "User Account"/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iTunes.plist
    Launch itunes & see if you can sync, if you can, trash the .plist file.