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I am a first time Mac owner and, having always owned PC's, am in the process of trying to understand Macs, differences and similarities, and file management solutions.

Because I use AutoCAD, I installed Parallels 4 and Windows 7 on my iMac 27". All the software is running great, and I installed AutoCAD on the Windows 7 VM with no problems.

However, I don't want to store my cad files for projects on the Windows C: drive and all my other files types for the same project on the Mac HD. It makes sense to have them all in one place.

My question then... three questions actually...

1. Where should I store these different file types all together, and how do I use the "shared folders" function to make this a smooth operation?

2. The follow up question to that is, does sharing folders between the Windows VM and my Mac open any security holes or expose me to any issues of that sort? If so, how do I mitigate them?

3. Finally (and only semi-related), is there any way to completely deny Internet access and networking to the Windows VM? My impression is that as long as I don't go online while running the Windows VM, I don't need to worry about antivirus software, etc. Seems easiest to disable such capabilities altogether for Windows.


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    If all your CAD files are only usable with AutoCad then why not store all of them on the Windows drive? If you have files that are only usable with a Mac application then store them on the the Mac hard drive. Parallels can implement sharing between the VM and OS X so you can seamlessly access files from either side.

    Sharing files between your VM and OS X presents no inherent security risk. This is a method of sharing files not sharing the computers on the web. Of course any file-based trojans could be copied from one side to the other, but Windows malware has essentially no impact in OS X.

    You should take normal precautions in the VM as you would in any Windows environment.

    To keep Windows off the network just turn off its networking via the Networking control panel.

    For help with Parallels read the included documentation and/or visit the Parallels Forum.
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    Thank you.