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    Good to know mrpwick thanks for the info.

    I will also throw in that I am using a bluetooth USB adapter (I did not get my MacPro with internal Bluetooth). It's a D-Link DBT120.
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    I'm incredibly annoyed. I installed this product exactly the way that Apple asked me to, but no luck. APPLE, can you at least acknowledge that there is a problem here? This post is marked as answered, but it clearly is not.
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    Same here. Got Magic Mouse yesterday, installed software, and No luck. In Apple Menu-About This Mac-More Info-Bluetooth, I see that "AppleWirelessMouse: Firmware Version: 132"... Is that normal?
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    I should point out in the MacRumors forum post that an uninstall using the "Uninstall USB Overdrive Utility" is required. Not just removing the preference pane.
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    Awesome! Thanks for that tip Works perfectly.
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    This did it. What did I even install that thing anyway? Thanks dean.
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    Uninstalling USB Overdrive worked for me as well. I called Apple Support just before uninstalling, and they were not aware of the conflict. Actually, my technician had never heard of USB Overdrive. Their other suggestions were not helpful. The technician said he would look into updated the Magic Mouse documentation with this information.

    P.S. I had been using USB Overdrive to map the Mighty Mouse third & fourth clicks to the Back & Forward buttons in Firefox. This is no longer necessary with the Magic Mouse, but I do hope they can add three-finger gestures to activate Expose & Show Desktop. This would put the Magic Mouse on par with the trackpad. The Magic Mouse feels a bit limited without a couple more click or gesture options, which will hopefully be configurable.
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    I have the same situation. I installed the software before I received the mouse but I can't see the real control panel. Just a plain mouse control panel. I don't understand why the software does not install.

    Any other ideas??
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    Uninstalling USB overdrive did the trick. After uninstalling it and rebooting the mouse now let's me do what I can do with the mouse.

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    This did NOT solve it for me as I do not have "USB Overdrive" installed (nor do I know what that is, I searched for it using spotlight and it did not come up). I bought my Magic Mouse yesterday and none of the gestures are working. Only left and Right click. There is no option in the settings menu to override, and my software is up to date.
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    Installed & seeing the control panel but mouse behaving very sluggish as though out of range, yet only 4 feet from Mac Pro. Is there a way of improving Bluetooth signal ?
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    I also am having the same Sluggish response with the Magic Mouse with my Mac Pro, The strange thing is i had installed Windows 7 (For Testing) on the same system, Windows 7 Doesn't exhibit the same sluggish response issues as OSX 10.6.1 or Bellow.

    I had also tested the Magic Mouse with a Mac Mini (2009) that I use for my Media Center with Plex, The Mac Mini Also had the same problem as the Mac Pro with Sluggishness (Acting like bad Reception), so i have come to the limited conclusion that it has to be a Software related issued with the OSX Bluetooth Stack, since the Windows based Bluetooth Stack doesn't exhibit the problems.

    I have issued a Bug Report to Apple, If you would like to also, Every report helps to get problems resolved.

    Link to Apple Bug Reporter Site:

    Good Luck to you, and lets hope with the 10.6.2 update coming out in the next few day's to a week that the problem has been addressed.

    Take Comfort that your not alone with this problem.

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    I'm also noticing a problem -- no "momentum" scroll

    Purchased a Magic Mouse and installed the software update as instructed. I get the "Mouse" prefs pane but don't see any place to turn momentum on or off (as I had read in some blog somewhere).

    I'm still running OS X 10.5.8 and I have a mini USB-to-Bluetooth adapter plugged in to a powered USB hub installed on the back of the computer (running the slower USB 1.x protocol).

    I can click and scroll and perform two-finger gestures (where supported in the software), but I'm unable to get a "momentum" scroll by flicking faster or slower.

    Any insights on this?
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    Just got my Magic Mouse and installed on my old iMac G5. Installed the updates. No luck. Found mouse but saw it as and ordinary bluetooth mouse. After reading around, uninstalled USB overdrive, i.e. used the uninstaller and restarted and now all is good. Takes a bit of getting used to but I'm already very happy with it.