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Hello My imac I purchased in july 2008 was stolen recently. People keep telling me that they can trace them or I can trace them. I am pessimistic but figured I'd give it a shot. I have no special settings on or anything. If it includes having some kind of program installed, I dont. My mobile me account has since expired. Plus I really dont understand computer talk too well. My mobile me account has expired. Is there something where I can report it stolen with Apple? He might have it connected to the internet. Anyways thanks for the answers

g4, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    I don't think Apple has a service to help recover stolen Apple products. You can contact them using the Contact Us link at the bottom right corner.

    The only way Mobile Me might potentially help, is if you had an active membership and you had +Back to My Mac+ turned ON and the thief kept it turned ON (and did not wipe the drive). Mobile Me will let you access and control a Mac remotely. So there are stories about victims who supposedly took control of their stolen Mac (discreetly) and took a picture of the thief using the iSight camera, which the police used to apprehend the thief.
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    Just like he said. Unless you installed some special application there is no Lojack.

    IF you have back to my mac you may be able to get on it and either take a picture of the felon or find the IP information and with that the police can trace the connection. The odds? Slim.

    If you are lucky and do get on. Take control and point to:

    Good luck. I hope you backed up regularly.