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Urbina Level 1 Level 1
I have problems with my battery, this is the 3rd battery I have since I get my macbook,
In the Icon battery appears and X, when I reset the SMC removing the battery and pushing the power botton 5 secs, and when I install the battery again and turn on my macbook everything OK,
But when I turn it off and turn it on again the X appears on the battery and I need to reset again the SMC so the macbook recognize the battery, I do this process more than 5 times and it repeats everytime, what can I do?
This is the information of my hardware, please help me

Nombre del modelo: MacBook
Identificador del modelo: MacBook1,1
Nombre del procesador: Intel Core Duo
Velocidad del procesador: 2 GHz
Número de procesadores: 1
Número total de núcleos: 2
Caché de nivel 2 (por procesador): 2 MB
Memoria: 2 GB
Velocidad del bus: 667 MHz
Versión de la ROM de arranque: MB11.0061.B03
Versión SMC: 1.4f12
Número de serie: SystemSerialNumb
Sudden Motion Sensor:
Estado: Activado

Macbook white 13'', Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2 GHz Intel core Duo
  • Colin Moore Level 2 Level 2
    if this is the 3rd battery for this computer and it continues to exhibit the same issue with each battery then possibly the battery is not the problem.

    first and foremost, make sure your OS is the most up to date that it can be.
    10.5.8 or 10.6.1 depending on what you have installed on the computer.

    You may also want to run the Apple Hardware Test to see if any of the internal components of the computer are malfunctioning. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1509

    My guess is that the DC board is not functioning properly. Which would require a hardware repair to resolve.
  • Lyssa Level 6 Level 6
    I think Colin has the right idea here.

    Just so you know, the information you provided doesn't include battery information, which would show us how healthy (or unhealthy) your battery is. You need to click on the "Power" option in the left-hand column of *System Profiler* then copy the battery information and paste it here too.

  • Urbina Level 1 Level 1
    Hello thanks for your help, my system is 10.4.11 tiger, which is the last update,
    I will try to do what Colin said when I get home, because I have the cd`s there.

    Lyssa, I try to find the battery information but I cannot find it how you are telling me, can you explain me please more detailed how to get to this information,

    Thank you
  • Lyssa Level 6 Level 6
    Read all of my post--all the information you need is there in the last sentence.
    If it's not showing up, you'll have to take the machine in for diagnostics.

  • JasonFear Level 5 Level 5
    Hi Luis,

    The battery information Lyssa is referring to use is located in System Profiler (under Power), you'll see the listing on the lefthand side. The battery information will contain things like Full Charge Capacity, Cycle Count, etc.

    If you have an "X" over the battery icon a lot of this information might not be available because the "X" indicates that the battery is not being detected by the machine. I'll agree with what others have already said, that it's time to get the machine looked at, three batteries all with the same issue is either incredibly bad luck or a bad battery connection cable (which from my experience can be common in these situations).
  • Urbina Level 1 Level 1
    Thnks, I found it, right now my battery is avaliable, but bacuse before I turn on my computer I need to make the SMC reset,
    here is the information
    Carga de la batería:
    Temporizador de reposo del sistema (en minutos): 28
    Temporizador de reposo del disco (en minutos): 180
    Mostrar temporizador de reposo (en minutos): 28
    Activar al cambiar el modo de alimentación: No
    Activar al abrir la pantalla: Sí
    El reposo de la pantalla utiliza atenuación: Sí
    Reducir brillo: Sí

    Información de la batería:

    Batería instalada: Sí
    Primer aviso de nivel de batería bajo: No
    Capacidad de plena carga (mAh): 4886
    Capacidad restante (mAh): 4886
    Amperaje (mA): 132
    Voltaje (mV): 12605
    Número de ciclos: 32
  • Urbina Level 1 Level 1
    hi Colin, I run the Apple hard test and it detect this error 4M0T/1/140000002:center_lower-front
    What does it mean?