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    iorganutan wrote:
    Well my initial testing of MagicPrefs transforms this fantastic looking mouse into an amazing computing tool. You can customize it with 1, 2, 3 even 4 finger gestures, clicks and taps to do literally anything you want. You can even save different profiles for different tasks, such as gaming, CAD/photo work, or whatever.

    All I can recommend is give it a try, it's free, and see what you think.


    Even better is BetterTouchTool found here:

    I tried MagicPrefs a bit ago, but since finding BTT, have not looked back. It has more options and the ability to fine tune the mouse even more.

    I highly recommend it...
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    Indeed Better Touch Tool is a great little program. I'd recommend people try out BTT out MagicPrefs as they have very different user interfaces, MagicPrefs having a much easier user interface. I think for the average user, MagicPrefs will be easier to use to make the all the customizations you'll probably need with a magic mouse, and quick access to your profiles from the toolbar. BTT has a more fine grain control with more detailed customization, and certainly worth comparing to for the more advanced user.

    It's worth noting that BTT is a trackpad customization app that has recently added the Magic mouse control, so it is also useful for controlling your trackpad gestures too.
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    Have any of you that are using magicprefs or bettertouch experienced extreme lag when using either? Every time I try one of these two it works awesome then mac goes a little hay wire with not responding to (wired) keyboard commands and such. I thought maybe I just had it set too sensitively so that it bogs everything up until i let go, but not the case. Then I was thinking perhaps I am supposed to disable the magic mouse Apple software somehow. Perhaps having MagicPrefs enabled on top of the Apple stuff conflicts? If so, how do I disable the Apple stuff and still have the single finger functionality?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. These both absolutely light up the Magic Mouses' functionality but just can't keep them on without serious I/O issues shortly after. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    I am not sure why you are having problems. I have not experienced any issues at all, but I may not be using it to the extend that you are.

    What OS are you using?
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    Thanks for the swift response. That's what I figured -- no problems on your end. My iMac is not even a year old. I am using Snow Leopard 10.6.2 w/2.93GHz Core 2 Duo, and 4 GB DDR3. I don't understand it. It had long start up times, too, before I removed the secondary mouse software.

    I do have another user on my iMac that we switch back and forth often. Both user accounts behaved this way. Even a guest account did the same. In all honesty, my MacBook has performed nearly flawlessly with everything I through at it since Dec 08 purchase date and this iMac purchased in May 09 has been troublesome for us, DVD drive doesn't read all disks that MacBook does, beachball pops up on here from time to time, occasional unresponsiveness, long reboots that seem to never go anywhere unless I reset the PRAM-- macbook never behaves this way. Feel like I got a defect. Wish I could just get it replaced. Anyway, that is probably another issue in and of itself.

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    Maybe I should just back up my itunes library and photos then restore to factory default the iMac to see if that helps. Maybe something else that's been installed is giving us the trouble. I'm afraid I'll lose too much, but perhaps I should try.
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    It is always a good idea to maintain a good backup, they really come in handy when troubleshooting.

    You could get an external drive, then create a clone using SupeDuper or CarbonCopyClone then once you create the clone try restoring the Macs internal drive back to factory then load MagicPrefs and see if it still causes problems.

    But I have to say if you're having these problems normally then you need to take it to Apple. It's under a 1-year warranty unless you purchased 3 year Apple Care. You really should get the problems resolved before your year is up then you're just stuck with a bad machine.

    But just to clarify to all that's reading this thread... It appears that the MagicPrefs is not causing problems on your machine as you had previous underlying problems from the start! Is that correct?
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    Well, the problems became unbelievably apparent when I installed BetterTouchTool. At that point I removed it and all was good, so I installed MagicPrefs in hopes of finding a software that worked properly with the Magic Mouse.

    So, no, I would not, and can not blame that software for the issue since the other did the same, but only the softwares dealing with this Magic Mouse have made my iMac behave this way -- the ignoring keystrokes and lag. Optical Drive and Beach balls, absolutely are not the result, nor related, to the MagicPref or BetterTouch.

    I will do as you say though and see. I'll call Apple, too. Thanks again.
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    Hi All, Don't know if anyone can help but my magic mouse is driving me crazy! Using Imac with os 10.6.2 the strange thing is my mouse works great for scrolling up and down, I can zoom and even do 2 finger swipe but I can't scroll horizontally or 360. Also I can only scroll up and down using 1 finger if the page i am on has a scrolling bar at the side, so for instance it only works as a regular mouse on the imac front page and won't let me scroll up and down even. Any ideas would be most helpful. Do you think I need to send the mouse back or will there be a fix?
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    First of make sure that you have this update installed:

    Second try MagicPref that has been suggested in this thread.
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    So I brought my imac in to Apple for service. They replaced my optical drive and claimed there weren't any issues with the rest of my hardware. I am going to try MagicPrefs again and let you know if the issue returns.
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    I've been running MagicPrefs for a week now without any problems. I am skeptical to try bettertouchtools again though which was the first one that seemed to be linked to the issues, otherwise it appears reformatting the iMac resolved the issues. Thanks again for your help.

    I hope future releases dial down the sensitivity in MagicPrefs for using single touch taps; I'll post it there instead. The tap sensitivity setting doesn't keep the mouse from detecting my fingers when I hover above the mouse (warm hands). Of course they warn you in the latest release that it may cause false detects or what have you.

    BTT lets you dial in the settings for touch but again the imac went haywire shortly after installing it last time so now I'm a bit skeptical to try again.
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    I just wanted to thank iyacyas for your support and suggestions.

    I have been running BetterTouchTool now in place of MagicPrefs, and it, too, works flawlessly. My apologies for any potential finger pointing towards these softwares causing erratic behavior to my iMac.

    Backing up entire iMac using CarbonCopyClone, then erasing everything and reinstalling Snow Leopard and pulling back all other files that were needed from back up has left me in perfect condition. Additionally, there was an issue with my smart drive and ribbon which Apple replaced under warranty.

    So, thanks iyacyas! Your help is greatly appreciated!
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    Your suspicions were very much justified, when troubleshooting it's always important to look at what has changed recently. Unfortunately this can sometimes send us on a wild goose chase. No Software is perfect and even the best of the best can have its issues.

    Glad to hear that ya got it all fix though, sounds like got a-hold of it.

    I need to check out "BetterTouchTool" my self as I always like to compare, who knows I might switch!
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    The behavior is returning.... slow responses and such. Linked to BetterTouchTool (BTT). I have it set to start up at login, but after awakening iMac from sleep, BTT is no longer in my menu items, and iMac becomes sluggish. The other user on the same iMac never uses BTT and all is well. I removed it and now am sticking with MagicPrefs. No problems. Wonder if anyone else experiences this issue with BTT; that's too bad. I recommend Magic Prefs for reliability reasons.
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