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  • cchonig Level 1 Level 1

    Now I found our that the improvement after changing to Duracells was not the real reason that it started working again: three days later the Duracells stopped working too. My conclusion was that it might be just bad contact.

    I sandpapered both ends of the batteries. Then I scratched with a tiny, sharp flathead screwdriver both contacts inside the mouse: the sprung negative one and the recessed positive one. The mouse worked like a charm and has not failed since. Perhaps this works for you too...

  • GregNYR89 Level 1 Level 1

    This worked for me. THANKS!!!


    Have kept original energizer batteries, no need to remove the lid, and no need to put any foil anywhere!!!



    PhonicMonkey wrote:


    The tapping issue is real... I can duplicate it again and again. I suspect the battery terminal connectors are ever so slightly becoming disconnected from the battery causing a "hard boot", if you will, of the mouse.

    I took a few pieces of paper and rolled them into a tube and wedged it between the batteries and covering casing.. This prevents the batteries from moving. This simple hack seems to have solved the issue... Mouse has been working flawlessly.
  • gam3r Level 1 Level 1

    It's been 5 months since I purchased multitouch magic mouse. And I am already on 4th Mouse!! I've been taking it to Genius bar and getting it replaced almost every month. Whats strange is, energizer batteries that come along with the mouse seem to work fine and after 1 month of usage when I swap them with duracell, this random disconnection problem arises, everytime I lift the mouse whilst scrolling results in disconnection. Random mouse shakes, turning on and off seems to bring it back to life. And sometimes it won't even turn on.


    This is totally unacceptable for a mouse to disconnect with movements. I'm glad that stuffing paper seems to work for some people. But for a mouse for that price and build quality should not have such basic connectivity problems imo.

  • Qida Level 1 Level 1

    Apple stuff works best with each other.


    I never have issues since i invest in the apple rechargable battery for the magic mouse. The original energizer batteries also work well.


    Any other brands will have bad results.. and u will end up sticking papers.. and further break the mouse and waste more money

  • Mactoyz Level 1 Level 1

    After I fixed the mouse problem a year ago, there has not been a repeat event. That applies to both of my Macs that developed the same problem with the Magic Mouse. It is not a battery issue. It is not a battery cover issue. It is not an issue with the mouse at all. The problem is with the Mac itself and can be cured by resetting the PRAM. Sounds crazy perhaps, but it fixed the issue on two computers. I know that others want to keep fiddling with the batteries, but I am skeptical of that.

  • Qida Level 1 Level 1

    I understand there is actually 2 issues here.


    If the mouse disconnect randomly, most likely its a pram issue.


    However if the mouse disconnection has a pattern: Such as tab slightly on the table to move the mouse, follows by a disconnection (Such as discribe by gam3r), it is a battery issue.


    And the solution is always these 2:


    - Reset PRAM


    - Stick paper / buy energizer battery

  • Dylanophile Level 1 Level 1

    Qida is right in my experience of this issue!


    Mactoyz is wrong to ignore the battery size/type/connection issue...


    Even Apple are waking upto the design fault.......

  • EricHuw Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't read the whole thread so someone else may have already mentioned this.


    I had the same problem of a disconnecting magic mouse and it started one morning after using it without problem for two years +. As other people are reporting it disconnected when tapped on my desk.


    I found that the solution was to remove the battery cover and gently bend it back into shape so that it was flat again. That was three days ago and it hasn't disconnected since. I think my habit of using the edge of the cover to hook out the batteries probably bent it out of shape!

  • WeatherForecast Level 1 Level 1

    My magic mouse doesn't seem to have a problem with physical battery connections. The batteries stay connected in their compartment just fine. I'm not rough with my mouse. I have all kinds of disconnections though.


    The only thing that works for me is constantly resetting the PRAM. A reset lasts for probably 1 week, maybe a  week and a few days. Then things start getting wonky again. So I reset the PRAM and I get to use the mouse for another week or so.

  • EnderBuddy Level 1 Level 1

    I have also had this problem. After i put new batteries in my magic mouse it randomly disconnects. I have called Apple Support and they told me to do the following: 1. Shut down your mac     2. Immediately press Command+Option+T+R all at once once you start up your mac. 3. Listen for two Chimes. and after that I restarted and had no problems since. I hope this helps you. It helped me

  • Lourufmom Level 1 Level 1

    EnderBuddy -


    Do you mean P and R?  I have reset the PRAM (Command, Option, P and R) numerous times and it always works for a while.  I have also used paper in the mouse to hold the batteries in contact as suggested by others.  Neither fix has lasted.  I have noticed that the mouse is more prone to intermittent disconnection when I play the Freecell game I downloaded from the Apple App Store.  As soon as I close out of the game, the connection restores itself.  Please confirm whether it was T and R.  If so, I'll give that a try.  Thanks.

  • DTSfun Level 1 Level 1

    Magic Mouse disconnection with Windows 7 - Solved


    HI, just to update you all that after uncheck "allow this computer to turn off this device to save power" under power management tab from Generic Bluetooth Adapter from device manager of Control Panel of Windows 7, then the magic mouse work flawlessly without having manipulate its batteries, turn on off, or ...bang it on my desk


    Hope this help!

  • Pedaler Level 1 Level 1

    A battery change does not seem to help at all, at least in this case.

    I purchased Apple's batteries and the mouse still disconnects several times per day.

    Only bright side there is that I can recharge instead of replacing 2xAA batteries every 41 days (average).


    Dear Apple,

    How about a software fix for the mouse disconnect, please?

    I'd rather not go back to my Microsoft USB Wheel Mouse Optical.

  • Mactoyz Level 1 Level 1

    I discovered the fix for this a long time ago and have published it several times. For some reason, a lot of people what to attribute the fix to standing on one leg and spinning a soccer ball on their index finger or messing with the batteries.....none of which will fix the problem.


    The problem is a corrupted PRAM and it needs to be reset. Search reset PRAM on Apple for the simple explanation of how to do it. Takes about a minute and it fixes the problem. Of course if you love buying every brand of battery and standing on one leg.............

  • Lourufmom Level 1 Level 1

    Mactoyz -


    Several posters, myself included, have reset PRAM repeatedly.  It fixes the problem for a while (maybe a few days) and then the problem comes back.  If what you say is correct then is it possible that some other program or process is repeatedly corrupting PRAM?  I have wondered about apps downloaded from Apple Apps.  Any thoughts on this? 

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