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Eric Maier Level 1 (45 points)
Although if you look at the pictures Apple posts, it's pretty clear, they need to make it clearer, in words: you don't cup this mouse in your hand. You hold it with your thumb & middle fingers in the MIDDLE, letting your palm rest on the desk. That's why it's incredibly ergonomic without the need for ugly restrictive gel wrist pads.

If you hold it correctly:
1) The scrolling is sublime
2) The 2-finger swipes for page-back and page-fwd are comfortable, and a revelation in internet browsing - there's no issue with the mouse moving.
3) the sharp edges are a non-issue as you never touch the edges

I'm on day two and figuring this out has been a revelation. Going back and looking at the pics I can see the hand model is holding it this way, but Apple needs to make this more explicit. People have been trained to "cup" mice, especially those with ridiculous (left-handed need non apply) contoured shapes that lead to sweat and require a wrist pad.

Let me repeat: your palm should rest on your desk, and you should only need to move your palm for the largest sweeps, and that wouldn't even be necessary if Apple fixes the tracking speed issue.

The slow tracking is a problem if you have dual-monitors or a large monitor; I solved it using steer mouse because I already had a license, but there are free alternatives (Mouse Multiplier? something like that). I do think Apple needs to address this in a software update.

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  • Cons. Level 1 (0 points)
    Oh it's great...
    I feel a lot better after using your advice...
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    It's the only way to use this mouse. Next Apple should let me touch to click or really soften that click. It takes too much effort to click.
  • TK2233 Level 1 (5 points)
    You say you solved the slow tracking problem using SteerMouse? I also have a license for SteerMouse, but the SM preference pane tells me that the MagicMouse is not supported, as does their web site (they are looking into it), and altering the tracking options in SM has no effect.

    So, can you tell me how you persuaded SteerMouse to adjust the tracking speed please? The only thing I have had any degree of success with is MouseZoom.
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    I also love the mouse and don't feel that it is uncomfortable. Its not too sensitive either. I like that it can detect soft touches and the clicks feel way better than the mighty mouse.

    One thing that I would like is the ability to swipe with only one finger. Is there a reason why you must use two? I think it would be easy to distinguish a left or right swipe with one finger. Can we bug apple to add that in with an update?
  • Michael Bowyer Level 2 (335 points)
    Swipe with one finger? I agree...
    Apple could add a lot more gestures to the Pref Pane, and I hope they will do in an update very soon.
  • Eric Maier Level 1 (45 points)
    Hmmm maybe you need to update? My version is 4.01 and it works just like it did with Mighty Mouse (which was also way too slow for me also). With SteerMouse I can rachet it up to be too fast, so there's plenty of range for adjustment. But if Mouse Zoom is working, and it's free, I'd stick with it.

    On the other posters' points: I do find myself wanting to tap to click as I also use a MacBook and it feels so similar. But I can see why they kept the click physical. The Magic Mouse is much less finicky than the Mighty Mouse about how many fingers you have on it, etc. I tend to just always rest 2 fingers on it. I can 2 finger scroll like my MacBook, and the right-click always seems to just figure it out without the gyrations Mighty Mouse put you thru.

    For home use, I actually love the page-back/forward for 2 finger swipe but agree Apple should evolve the software so you can reassign. For example, for some folks who work a lot in Excel it might be more useful to have left-swipe = Copy and right-swipe = Paste. Or better yet, allow application specific assignments to the left & right swipes. Then you'd basically have a 5-button mouse, even more than the Mighty Mouse.
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    Swipe with one finger is for scrolling left and right. I don't think your magic mouse will be magic enough to read your mind.