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I have to go to work tomorrow at 7 am... and I am not sure if my Iphone will automatically adjust to daylight savings... can any of you help? Iphone 3G here with AT&T obviously (in USA)

iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    Yes, the network time will automatically change as long as you have set time automatically selected in settings.
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    If it's set to auto update the time then yes. At 2am local time your iPhone should set itself back to 1am. I know mine has in the past right on the dot.
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    Not only will the clock on your iPhone automatically turn back to 1 AM when 2 AM is reached, but it could also shrink back an additional hour after you go to sleep. This just happened to my iPhone. The iPhone had correctly displayed 1 AM when the moment came to turn back the clocks one hour, but after I woke up in the morning, it somehow lost an additional hour all by itself during the night.

    The actual time in NY was 10:15 AM when I got up, but the iPhone was displaying 9:15 AM. I came here to look for others reporting a similar anomaly, but finding none, I simply turned off the phone for a couple of minutes, and I turned it back on. That cured the glitch. The iPhone is now is sync with the correct local time.
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    Yep, and I'm surprised nobody else I've talked to had that problem. I actually overslept by an hour this morning because the phone kicked itself back like that. I'd turned off the automatic date/time setting and rolled it back an hour myself, not trusting that it'd get the signal properly. Well, at 2am it set itself back automatically an additional hour. I was pretty late to work as a result. (As a side note, I also had a second alarm clock set, but it did the same thing my iPhone did...automatically set itself back an additional hour at 2am after I'd rolled it back myself before bed! D'oh!)

    So...I guess turning off the automatic date/time setting doesn't really get rid of all the automation. I think it must be a calendar setting.
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    "... I have to go to work tomorrow at 7 am... and I am not sure if my Iphone will automatically adjust to daylight savings... "

    Just for your info we are coming off daylight savings and going onto standard time.
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    My iPhone did not automatically change over today despite the fact I had it set to automatically change. I was an hour late for work because my iPhone did not switch over. I had full service plus I was on wireless internet. When I pulled up my world clock it said "New York Time : 7:58" and my iPhone said it was 6:58 (I live in NY). It was not until I made a call did my phone switch over automatically. Unfortunately that call was to work explaining why I was going to be 30 mins late.

    I have the most recent software for the iPhone so there is no reason it should not have switched over.
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    I would complain to AT&T. They're the service provider.
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    The same problem occurred in Globe, Arizona using the AT&T E network (3G not available there). Turn on/turn off solved the iPhone's problem but didn't solve mine -- I was already late. My trusty analog watch worked fine, though, since Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Savings changes -- it just doesn't have an alarm.
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    There's nothing like being a responsible grownup rather than to depend upon electronic gadgetry to motivate our lives.
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    Just to clarify further, we went on standard time so we "fall back" turn the clock back one hour. We get an extra hour of sleep. So if your iPhone did not correct itself as many of you state, at the very least, you came one hour earlier to work not one hour late. Go figure.
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    Same thing happened to me - Scottsdale, AZ. Even though the time should not have changed for me (AZ does not follow daylight saving), the time at top of the screen was lagging an hour the clock displayed on the lock screen. I could not believe it. Seems like one of the clocks get its "data" from the OS and the other from the cell tower?

    For now, I have turned off the auto date and time setting and have switched my phone manually to Phoenix time. On a separate note, I remember reading somewhere that some of the cell reception problems like difficulty in connecting to a call (in turn talking to a cell tower) go away when you switch to manual mode. Any light on this?