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  • Kurukuru Level 1 (0 points)
    I tried lots of experiments with viewing angles and heights, as well as room lighting conditions, and I am absolutely certain that the fault is always visible. Further evidence I have for this is that the yellow tinge was slightly biased to the left side of the display, no matter what the viewing angle.

    BTW, I found a very easy way to demonstrate the problem, which I found more obvious than the "grey background test": open a finder (or any) window, place it at the top of the screen and observe the colour of the title bar (bright, "slivery-grey") or the search box (clean, bright white), then move the window down to the affected area...The title bar now looks "gold-grey", and the search box looks a dirty, yellowy-white.

    Sounds like a washing powder advert, doesn't it?
  • mutaz83 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi All

    I have been reading this great forum leading up to my purchase of the 27" iMAC i5. Now sadly my first post is about the terrible experience I have had with this yellow tint.

    Purchased the first one took it home - and yup yellow tint just as described by many hear. Took it back to the store a guy looked at it didn't seem to think it was an issue but they were very busy so I think he just swapped it out to get me outthe store - The first machine was week 46 so I asked the guy for a week 49 - after looking at me blankly and me explaining how the serial number works he went away and got me a week 49.

    Took this second week 49 machine home and horror! Same problem, even worse then my first unit. So I called customer services as I did not want to take this monster back, the lady was helpful but ultimately sai dthis was a store issue so she arranged a store manager to call me back.

    When they did I explained it all and had to take my second unit back, they tested it out the back and agreed there was a tinting problem and suggested they take the third unit they were going to give me out the box and test it, after 30 mins she came back to inform me that they also noticed the tinting on this machine as well!!

    We agreed I'd take my 2nd unit back and they extended my 14 day to 28 days so I can go back in the new year and hopefully exchange it for a new bacth.

    The saddest part is - they did not acknowledge this as a known fault even though I informed them the lady from customer service said apple have acknowledged as a "sporadic" issue. The store also gave me a £30 voucher that i can't use online though, and custome rservices offered me a £54 voucher that I can't use in store lol

    Anyway annoyingly I am left with a machine I can't customise because i know I have to return it in Jan.

    Only reason I am sticking with this is the machine is beautiful, fast and silent! And I brought it for my cousin after convincing him this was the machine for him due to theimpressive screen! Now I feel bad he sold his laptop and is left with this pee coloured machine!
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    I have a 27" that looks great. I bought a 21.5" to sit next to my 27". From the time I turned it on I could see that the color of the screen wasn't even close to the 27", which was very white.. as it should be. The 21.5" was yellow. Apple Tech assured me it should be the same. After testing the hardware with Apple Tech they told me to return to Best Buy. I exchanged it for another 21.5". It had same yellow tint.. Went back and exchanged for another with the same tint. My machines were week 45 46 and 48. Having a color calibrated system with this problem is impossible with this yellow monitor issue.
  • Tom Alexander Level 1 (0 points)
    From what I'm hearing, reading and seeing, I'm just glad to see apple is the process of correcting "the ultimate display for the ultimate computer." I just hope they address "all screen issues" at once when the new units start shipping in 2 weeks:

    1. Bad packaging/broken glass
    2. flickering/tearing/distortions
    3. jaundiced yellow lower screen (which I've had on two i5 imacs.)
    4. and bad backlight bleed on lower corners which makes black look light grey. (also on both units I've tried.)

    I'm looking forward to my replacement in a few weeks as promised to me by the Apple Store.
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    I know we have all heard the reports of some iMacs with actual screen issues (cracked screens ect..), but I think now we are just stretching to find faults. I have owned every iMac, starting from the White g5 17" models to the Intel models. Currently I own an Intel 20" Alum iMac, an Intel 24" Alum iMac, and a new 27" i7 iMac. If I tried hard enough and analyzed each of these screens under a microscope, I can find faults (the same with any screen and the bigger the screen the easier it is to notice). The reality is when I am using my computer for work, gaming, surfing the web, or even just relaxing watching a movie, I never see any faults.

    Some of these posts are as ridiculous as:
    "If you stand up and run in place for 5min, then you drink 3 shots of Mountain Dew, then spin around in your chair 17 times, put up an all white (or grey) wallpaper, set the screen to max brightness, place your head 5 inches from the screen, stare without blinking for 120seconds, then sit normal and look at your screen, you will notice a yellow tinge."

    Staring at an all white screen(of any type) your going to see things. If you want to find an issue chances are you will (as it is with anything in life).
    Perhaps your problem is related to boredom or the lack of a nice desktop background. I can point you all to some good wallpaper sites...

    NOTE: If you are someone that has an actual screen issue (as they do exist) this rant is not directed at you
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    You're right that for most computing uses, this "yellowing" is fine. However, I purchased this computer as an upgrade to my PC for doing photography in Photoshop. Correcting a photo with a warm yellow color cast or the opposite will not be accurate on the right side of the screen. And for several thousand dollars, this is troubling.

    My screen also has a dead pixel in the center.

    In comparison, my 2 year old Dell 24" display has no dead pixels that I can find and has even color throughout.
  • Paul Sparaco1 Level 1 (80 points)
    I am on my 3rd imac. The first 21.5 had dust under the screen, the second pronounced yellowing, and now the third is a 27". Very very minor warming at the bottom..(maybe). That hard to tell so it is staying. I can take anything but dead pixels. Drives me crazy.
  • Kurukuru Level 1 (0 points)
    menkarura, how about:
    If I view a fantastic photograph of the ocean I took a few weeks ago on my PC it looks great, but on my £1,349 iMac with "ultimate display", the foam on the breaking waves looks yellow...Because that's what my experience has been. As well as screen flickers every few minutes.

    That's unacceptable, no matter how much you love Apple.
  • Normeister Level 1 (0 points)
    Totally agreed. No matter what, whether it's an $800 PC these symptoms are simply unacceptable. I don't understand why anyone, relying on display accuracy or not believes that this is OK.
  • Glenn De Backer Level 1 (0 points)
    I had an Apple reseller telling me that this is normal and you aren't suppose to do any "serious" photography stuff on the iMac. That is why they have a "pro" line. You have even apologists on different forums claiming the same thing.

    Ignoring the fact that Apple advertises the multimedia capacities of these machines, even plugging their "pro" apps. Or that they even literally talk about color consistency from every angle on one of the imac pages.

    I have a cheap low quality TFT (think I paid 180 euro's 4 years ago) screen that displays "white" evenly over the whole screen. So why is it wrong to expect the same of a machine that cost vastly more with screen technology that should be superior ?

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    It's amazing that they can try to justify it by saying you're not supposed to do "serious" photography stuff on it! Sure, for professional level photography work, you would be using a Mac Pro with a high-end display (a friend of mine does just that), but even though I am just an "enthusiastic amateur" when it comes to photography and photo editing, I still know the difference between yellow and white! - Especially when it's not consistent across the entire display.
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    I don't mean to go on and on, but these are my sentiments exactly. You would return a TV with these issues, regardless of brand. No brand that I know of asks the end user to accept poor build or hardware quality. Simply ridiculous, outrageous and incredibly frustrating. Right now would be a great time for an alternate manufacturer to make their mark; a nice looking system, a reasonable price and the ability to smoothly run OSX, just as my MacBook runs Windows. I have no real desire to own Apple products based on my recent experience with them, but they have/had a monopoly on the market for nice looking, 'well' built, high performance machines and people still line up to part with an unreasonable amount of money - particularly in Australia where all Apple products are substantially more expensive than the US.
  • Sinstormer Level 1 (0 points)
    Just got my iMac today. Week 50.

    As far as I can tell there is no Yellow Tinge on my unit. There is a very SLIGHT colour shift towards the bottom right of my screen, however it is no where near as pronounced as the screenshot ( ). It's so slight that I think any minor shift in colour could just be the result of the backlight bleeding. And I'm talking tiny shift, so tiny I think it's just me creating the problem.

    That same colour shift happens when I bring the test to the other side where there is also back light bleeding.
    Which brings me to my next question, how significant are some of the back light bleeding on other monitors?

    It's not so bad but, I have a 24" MVA panel LG right next to this and it has less. The back light is even all around, where as this iMac it's definitely noticable on the edges and little to none in the center. I'm curious if it's just the nature of the IPS LED display.

    I do 3D/Motion Graphics and this display is definitely acceptable. Now the only thing stopping me from enjoying this mac fully is to wait/test and see if the dreaded flickering shows itself.
  • Richard Jarret Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for being a 'Me Too' but wanted to add my tales of woe to the mix.

    Ordered an i7, 2TB in Nov and it arrived on the 30th, all seemed fine (although screen gamma looked a little odd even after calibration) until the unit went to sleep. Upon waking, I was left with multi-coloured vertical lines obliterating the RHS of the display. Diagnosed as duff GFX card and returned for replacement.

    Replacement (Week 50) arrived on 15th Dec with 1 Dead pixel (stuck on black), noticable yellowing towards the bottom third and dreadful backlight bleeding in the bottom corners.

    I managed to measure up to an 1100K Col Temp difference between different portions of the screen on flat-field mid grey. Again the black levels / gamma al over the place (exacerbated by the backlight bleed).

    Sorry , but this isn't acceptable in a machine costing almost £2000...

    Am now awaiting a further replacement, but hope they hold off until they've sorted these issues out. ~This must be costing a fortune !

    Is the Shanghai factory the only one producing these units ?



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    Richard - The "me too" mentality is what drives most discussion forums online. No worries there.

    Disregarding the yellow tint on the right side, the iMac 27" display actually profiled much better than my Dell 24" screen using my i1 Display2 I purchased in 2005.

    Check out this link with a photo of Michael taking a photo at the top:

    On the Dell it looks great, but the skin tones were more red colored. On the iMac, everything looked prefect with a much more natural skin tone.

    So, my opinion is that this display is capable of fantastic results if you get a good one.

    Does anyone know what company manufactures the 27" LED panel?
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