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  • Beatnick Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I took my week 40 iMac in to the Genius Bar for the yellow patches and whistling. They offered a replacement even though I was out of my 14 days, which was good of them, but my replacement (week 45) has to go back too. The colour is much better on this one (some iMacs in the store were better than others) and the whistle is much less irritating, but I have a bit of dirt or something stuck under the display in the centre, about a quarter of the way down. I phoned the store and they've offered me another swap.
  • timdafweak Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Well, the honeymoon's over with my Week 46 21.5" iMac. This morning as I finally got down to doing some serious work on the Mac, I noticed a real gradient from the top to the bottom of the screen. It went from brilliant white to dingy yellow. I called my wife over, to confirm it, and she saw it plain as day. I called Apple Support and the guy had me reset the PRAM. Well, that did improve booting speed on the iMac, but the yellow tinge remains, albeit to a lesser degree.

    What's weird is that when I wake the computer out of sleep or switch on the display (after it has had some time off) I can't see the yellow tinge, but it sure creeps back after some time.

    My worry is that it won't show up when I go to the Apple Store this afternoon (I have an appointment at the Genius bar(?)), and I will be returned with the yellowing unit. Is there any way I can conclusively prove it? I tried snapping pictures of it, but they are underexposed and don't show the yellow that well.
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    I finally decided to exchange my iMac 27" today. I ordered my iMac online and received it on Nov 23. It is from batch week 47 (W8947...) and had the yellow tinge problem (right half of the screen) since day 1. I did contact tech support online...and they did their normal routine of resetting PRAM, restarting with install CD and could not fix the problem. They then had me bring it in to my nearest Apple store this morning. At the store, because of the bright store lighting...the yellow tinge was harder to see. Fortunately, the Apple Genius had sharp enough eyes to see the change in gradient color (i.e. yellow tinge) on my screen. Since my order was a custom configuration, he suggested that I exchange my unit with a new one through the online Apple store. I just hope that my replacement will not have this problem anymore or any other problems that seems to be commonly reported in this forum.
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    a better representation of what mine looks like in day-to-day use (wife still thinks I'm nuts for picking about this). I'm still struggling over what to do since this is my second iMac and I have very little confidence that I'm going to get anything better...I guess if the flickering starts up again, that'll make up my mind for me!
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    From your picture I can't see it but I had the same problem with mine in trying to get it to show up in a picture. I was at the Apple Store today and chatted with a few sales people and a Genius or two. The machines at the store 21.5 and 27 all showed signs of the "warm" coloring. I did find out that the lighting in the store is much better in reducing the yellowing. The sales people said the same that many times it depends on lighting. My machine is fine otherwise and from what i can tell it is unlikely to get one that doesn't have this "warm" color to it. So, I've decided to stay put and keep mine. My wife agrees with that decision as she says I'm being silly and she can't even see what I'm talking about. She also says and from past experiences that you can get one worse and not better in an exchange. We also talked about a refund but again she feels there is no problem so no refund and we will be keeping it.:)
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    So utterly disappointing.

    I am back from an interesting experience at the Mac store, and with a machine (week 47) that has a worse yellow tinge issue than my week 45. The "Genius" all but called me a liar for he couldn't see the Yellow Tinge at first. I showed him a picture and a video of the yellow tinge on my iPhone, and he accused me, of having possibly changed the shade of white in the picture etc. Only after about 15 minutes of sitting there, my wife noticed the screen turning yellow, and indeed, the yellow become pronounced, and was even visible in the bright store. Seeing this, he hemmed and hawed and finally agreed to give me a replacement. A week 47 machine. I politely requested again and again for a week 41 (as ALL the machines in the store, without a tinge were 41), but he flat out refused, and threatened to charge me a restocking fees if they brought out a replacement from the back and I didn't take it. I politely stated that the week number is written on the box, and they wouldn't have to open it, but by that time, he just wasn't having any of it. I didn't want to make a scene, so I just took my replacement machine and came back home.

    And here it is - Yellow Tinge is even more pronounced, and worse than ever. It is just so sad to be treated like this by Apple associates. I have decided against keeping this machine, and I'll be sending it back for a full refund. It is not representative of the company I know, but it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
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    I am having a problem with moisture in the bottom right side of the screen. This is very worrying and from the forums seems to be a general design fault. will it be causing problems in the guts of my machine? this is my concern. it's 18 months old and this problem started a couple of months ago and has got steadily worse. it does clear after several hours of being on but still ... i live in Auckland NZ, it is humid here in the summer but the room the pc is in is bone dry ... HELP!
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    Well, that supports my theory that this yellow tinge is a limitation of IPS LCD technology. What's interesting is that the panel in question in this case is LG-sourced, just like the panels in our beloved iMacs. Hmmm.

    What's also interesting is that, if you read more of that thread, you'll see that the NEC technical support folks said that the non-uniformity is "within spec" and that "further exchanges would be of the same quality." If we extract this logic to our situation (since we're also dealing with LG-sourced IPS panels), it's easy to conclude that some level of yellowing is "within spec" and it's going to be hit-or-miss as to how bad the yellowing is.

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  • Schwa72 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    MightyMacNZ09 wrote:
    I am having a problem with moisture in the bottom right side of the screen. This is very worrying and from the forums seems to be a general design fault. will it be causing problems in the guts of my machine? this is my concern. it's 18 months old and this problem started a couple of months ago and has got steadily worse. it does clear after several hours of being on but still ... i live in Auckland NZ, it is humid here in the summer but the room the pc is in is bone dry ... HELP!

    I had a POS 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix that would get moisture behind one of the headlight covers, but I've never heard of such a thing in a computer. I'd get that checked out ASAP -- water and electronics is never a good mix.
  • Tony Milman Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Paul, I don't think lighting does anything but disguise the yellowing. If I increase the backlight to max then it reduces the effect. If I work in a dim lit room with the monitor at a low level (that I need to do for colour editing) then the result is horrid.
    If you don't need the mac for critical colour work then I doubt I would have returned it either. In general colour terms for watching video or for web browsing its not a problem.

    My issue is that Apple has made great claims for the display which is not really useable by professional graphics guys who need neutral screens. If they can't make one then they should make that perfectly clear.

    The cinema display I am working on has better neutrality than the imac but still has a gradient to yellow at the bottom. Interstingly the mac book pro i use gradients to the top (does this mean they installed the panel upside down?)
  • Schwa72 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    I second that -- boosting the backlight intensity really does hide the problem. That being said, I'm sure I'd have never noticed the issue if not for these forums. I took a look at some of my other LCD monitors (all PVA technology) that I have around and they all show significant color shifting such that the edges of the screen appear significantly warmer than the center when viewed from front and center. I never noticed this before at all...and the gradients are steeper than what I've got on my new iMac! Too bad now I can't stop obsessing over the yellow-to-blue gradient on my new iMac -- thanks a lot, guys!
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    I had to go back to the Apple Store again today. I finally decided to get a refund after getting two iMacs with different screen-related problems. They offered me another but I really don't have time to make another 80 mile round trip if the third one was bad too. Shame - I really liked the computer part. Overall I am impressed with Apple's customer service but disappointed with their quality control.
  • Schwa72 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    So, the question remains...has anyone gotten a replacement that doesn't have the yellow tinge/gradient issue?
  • Paul Sparaco1 Level 1 Level 1 (80 points)
    I tried it once with my 21.5 and no it was about the same. This one is a week 47. The lights at the Apple Store make theirs look like they have less of the problem
  • drichi2009 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    "90% of users are probably working perfectly fine"

    Interesting statistic that has become so common on these types of sites that it is becoming a cliche. Got any evidence to back that up other than conjecture? Maybe only 10% of users notice the tinge and the other 90% have it and don't notice so they can't ask here. Maybe they don't even come to this site to complain. Just conjecture though.

    Mine has had a slight yellow tinge on the bottom right since I got it last year. It is so small that it does not bother me---even though I bought mine in large part for photo processing---as I have had other problems more pressing.
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