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I have a memorial DVD project that I need to burn that I built in iMovie HD. The folks I am doing this for have requested 7 copies each of both NTSC for the North American family and PAL for the Asia and European family. Can I create two different DV files (I think that is how iMovie saves them when importing to iDVD?) or do I have to start completely over for each format and create two mirror projects? I have to get this done by Thursday. The NTSC version is completed, just not burned yet. I am hoping that I can simply click a setting after the NTSC project is burned and recreate with PAL. Is that possible?

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    Others may chime in with suggestions, but I have two. First using iDVD you can burn your video in either NTSC or PAL without converting the original footage. You simply burn a DVD in NTSC then change the preference to PAL and burn again. See here for the help info right from iDVD:

    "Selecting NTSC or PAL video format
    iDVD can create DVDs with video that is in either NTSC or PAL format. NTSC format (with a frame rate of 29.97 frames per second) is used in North America, Japan, and some other non-European countries. PAL format (25 frames per second) is used in most European countries.

    iDVD encodes the entire project in the format you have selected in iDVD, regardless of the video format of your footage (except when you burn a OneStep DVD from your camcorder, in which case iDVD automatically encodes the project in the format of your footage). This means you can have video in PAL format that iDVD encodes in NTSC format, and vice versa. When you have conflicting project and video formats, iDVD warns you before burning because sometimes encoding PAL video in NTSC format causes visual distortions. You cannot create a disc that includes video in both formats.

    By default, iDVD is set to the correct format for your country.

    To select the video format for an iDVD project:

    Choose Project > Project Info.

    Choose NTSC or PAL from the Video Mode pop-up menu and click OK.

    You can use these steps to change the format of a project while you are working on it. If the project is being encoded in the background, however, some files will have to be reencoded. When you switch formats, a warning dialog prompts you that already encoded assets will be erased if you continue with the switch. If you click OK, the previously encoded assets are automatically erased and background encoding reencodes all files in the new format."

    The Other way would be to use Toast. It's a third Party program for burning DVD and CD. Many users prefer to burn in Toast.

    See below for burning help.

    "To change TV standard preferences:
    1 Choose Toast > Preferences.
    2 Choose the TV Standard:

    NTSC: Create discs compatible with televisions in North America, Japan, and parts of South America and Asia.
    PAL: Create discs compatible with televisions in much of Europe and Asia, and parts of South America.
    3 Close the preferences.
    Encoded items are temporarily stored in the Roxio Converted Items folder in your Documents folder. These items are available for additional disc projects and will not need to be reencoded. Temporary files can be very large and are automatically deleted when you quit Toast."

    You can read about Toast here: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/toast/titanium/overview.html

    Good luck with your project.

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    A. iMovie does the type You recorded it in PAL or NTSC - Don't change here.

    B. Just starting a PAL resp NTSC project in iDVD and import - Works but the result
    of the converted version is low/bad ! !

    C. Most PAL DVD-player can playback NTSC. Near no NTSC-player can playback PAL.
    If playback on Mac - PAL or NTSC is of no importance.

    I put together some thoughts on howto convert a DVD of the wrong sort.

    Read on. (One can do it the other way as well)

    *PAL to NTSC*

    A. Commersial DVDs - No Not at all - Not even legal to discuss.

    B. Home made DVDs (without copy protection)

    NTSC ---> PAL.
    • Most often not necessary - Most stand alone PAL-DVD players playback NTSC
    (if TV is old in BL/W)

    PAL ---> NTSC.
    • If played on Mac - not necessary AT ALL
    • If on NTSC-DVD-player - CONVERSION IS NEEDED - nearly no Stand alone NTSC-DVD-players
    playback PAL at all.

    To do this You need to conver the PAL DVD to streaming.DV
    • I use Roxio Toast™ to do this (There are no free converter)
    • MPEG Streamclip (free on internet) to convert to NTSC
    • Set up an NTSC project (29.97fps or 30) in iDVD and import then burn

    I burn to
    • Verbatim DVD-R
    • Set down burn speed in iDVD to x1 or x4 recommended by many
    • Secure a minimum of 25Gb free space on internal boot hard disk before burning (IMPORTANT)

    Yours Bengt W
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    Basically you use JES Deinterlacer and two iDVD projects.
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    Thank you all who have posted solutions. A friend in Australia responded to my quest as well and it seems that all PAL DVD players will play both PAL and NTSC, not the other way around. So there is no need for me to create PAL versions of my North American project.