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  • OBDave Level 1 Level 1
    It just started happening to my iMac and was driving me crazy. Turns out mine was caused by the "smart jack" as well. Unplugging and replugging my computer speakers into the back of my iMac resolved the issue.
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    Similar Thread on iTunes Playing on its own.. (Smart Jack / Micro Switch)

    with similar solution:


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    I'm having this problem too. iTunes isn't playing any tracks. It just won't shut down without INSTANTLY relaunching.


    It isn't the audio jack in my case (removing it made no difference).

    I thought it was an issue with SRS iWow, as iTunes had recently opening with a dialogue window about having trouble loading a menu item related to this. Uninstalled SRS iWow. No change.

    Uninstalled - no change.


    The problem is so constant and extreme that force quitting only shuts iTunes down for a fraction of a second. As soon as it vanishes from the list, it returns.


    I can't shut down, restart, update iTunes or update the OS. Every time I try, iTunes cancells the shutdown (or, in the case of updating iTunes, I can't update until I quit iTunes, which I can't).


    The computer is basically crippled. I can't do anything that iTunes doesn't like.


    I'm using a 2.66 Cor 2 Duo Mac Mini, 4 GB of RAM and running os x 10.6.8 with iTunes 10.4 (80).

    Unless I can make iTunes shut down, these look to be the last versions of anything I'll ever have on this machine!


    Help. Anyone, please, help!

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    I have just upgraded to 10.5 on a win 7 pc and its started to randomly execute while I am using firefox 7. Itunes is not my default player and I have no addons. I have 2 Iphone4's with different ID's and it is now also having trouble identifying which one is which. It appears the only way I can get help from Apple is if I buy support. Not likely for software bugs. Itunes is very average software at best. I am probably going to move away from IOS and Iphones when my phone contracts are up due to this and other issues like random data usage which is peculiar to Iphones.

    Not impressed, should have stayed with Blackberry - less features but rock solid and intuitive.

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    The KISS principle would suggest that you look at the settings


    1. With the I-pad Wireless OFF

    2. Connect your i-pad by a cable


    Look at the tab for your i-pad and . . . .


    iTunes starts whenever it detects an iPod if you tell it to do so !!


    I have deselected the option and the problem went away


    (Actually I am not a clever as this seems to suggest . . . . I happened to  be sat at my computer when I switched on  my I-pad) ;-)

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    Until today I had no idea why my itunes started automatically.  I found out today that itunes starts whenever my network connection starts up or gets reconnected.  I know this because I was troubleshooting problems with my wireless router and whenever I refreshed the DHCP connection (ipconfig /renew) or restarted the router, itunes would pop up within seconds.  Every time.  My ipad and ipod were not connected to my PC.  Apparently my router resets the wireless connections randomly for brief periods  of time during the day and night and when it does - up comes itunes.  Yay, I missed you itunes.  Thanks for reminding me you're still installed on my PC. So now, how do I disable this annoying behavior?  Is it Bonjour causing the issues?  Turning that off then made itunes unable/willing to sync/backup my ipad. FYI running iTunes 10.5 on windows 7 64-bit. with ipad running iOS 5.0.

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    I had the same issue that Itunes kept starting (annoying since it stops you from shutting off the computer) I had an alarm widget on my dashboard called "Red Alarm Clock". Removing that widget solved my problem. These kinds of problems seems to relate to applications that tries to "tell" (AppleScript command) itunes to do things even though Itunes is turned off.

  • greenfish Level 1 Level 1

    Thank sweet Jesus this post just saved my sanity. It was the audio output cable for mine as well.

    Here's why I was questioning my sanity.

    My cable was jammed between my desk and the wall, so any movement of my desk launched iTunes, played a song, or restarted a song. I had no idea that I was physically causing the effect at first!

    After a dozen strange starts and stops over the last few days, I discovered that I could open iTunes with a sharp knock on my desk or "Fonzie" a song on by lightly tapping the side of my screen.

    I was reluctant to ask anything along the lines of "can iTunes start via the physical movement of the computer" on any forum. I even googled "Fonzie iTunes" in a moment of desperation!


    So thank you Scorpio! My only regret is that i fixed the cable so quickly out of sheer relief that i did't take a short vid of the effect. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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    I know this is old, but if it helps anyone, my problem was msn, in the status thinger, it was set to "show what I'm listening to", after I cancelled that, it stopped

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    This is an old thread but I wanted to post my solution as it may help someone else. I was seeing the same symptoms of iTunes launching and playing at random times and stopping when I actually wanted to listen. I could not find anything in the system that would lead me to believe it was a third party app causing the issue. I had also deactivated everything that allowed iTunes to do anything automatically.


    My issue was the sync cable. I happened to bump it while swapping out a cable and iTunes started. As I wiggled the cable, iTunes would start and stop. Swapped cable and problem went away.

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    I'm running os X 10.6.8 and Itunes 10.6.3. Yesterday I had prereocrded a wav file to be used as a march in a processional ritual. I had Itunes opened, the file loaded and ready to go, I just had to click on the > icon or so I thought. Itunes took off on its own, I was not touching either the mouse or the machine, and I immediately stopped the playback by hitting the pause button. It took off on its own twice more thankfully after the meeting was over, with no one within 10 feet of the machine. spooky!

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    I've had the same problem. The cause is the audio connector (line out/headphone jack) The output connector on mac doesn't quite conform to standard 3.5 mm plugs, as it is both analogue and optical/digital. So with a standard analogue audio cable you might get a bad connection when you move your laptop and/or your audio cable. This (for some reason) causes iTunes to start.

    Solution? Get an apple audio cable, try another standard cable or disconnect the audio output whenever you don't use it.

  • merttorun Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem and it seems that the speaker cable is the culprit. Always check your cable before you start hacking away at the system.

  • trueshanti Level 1 Level 1

    randomly reproduceable ! .. freaking f* jack

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    Had that problem first time i tried "slideshow"in iphoto.

    Then in the middle of the night! itunes started up even though my computer was asleep.

       1- Shut down completely

        2-push left shift key while turning back on  (this is a safe boot mode)

        You will see the wheel spin,The lower bar loading

        It takes a minute,

       Then it askes your log in,

       Log in,  Check if everything works,

        3-restart, And you should be o k.

    I just wish this worked to fix mountain lion,

    That thing slowed every thing down.