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I recently purchased an iPod Classic (160GB) in which to handle all my music, and an iPod Shuffle (4GB) to walk safely on the street.

Initially, I transferred music directly from my laptop to the iPod Shuffle. After I transferred all my music to my iPod Classic, I tried transferring music directly from my iPod Classic to the Shuffle... and I can't.

Then, I tried doing the iPod Classic -> iTunes -> iPod Shuffle route, and it can't be done either.

I know there's a manual and very unpractical way of transferring the files (transferring the files manually from the folders of the iPod Classic to the computer and then to the iPod Shuffle)...

... but is there any other, easier and more practical way of doing this? It'd be very frustrating not being able to do what I want to do, and it seems weird that I can't transfer music between my iPods.

Thanks for your help!

Dell Vostro 1400, Windows Vista
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    Hi Larrybalzary,

    The thing that you are trying to accomplish is what I see alot of folks on these discussion groups doing... They move files into the iPod and think of it as a external drive and then want to transfer the files in and out of the iPod...

    It's not that easy, as the iPod also has an internal index of the songs and contents (such as playlists). The only way to get them on the iPod is through iTunes...

    From my perspective, all that I can do is highly recommend that you leave all of your music in iTunes and than manually manage the music that goes onto the device. You can not move selected songs from one device to another... As that could technically violate the copyrights on the iPod (especially if they are downloaded and belong to another user).

    Any other tools other than iTunes which allow you to do this, run your own risk of issues or violations to the apply copyright and usage agreements.

    Though not the answer you want, this is about the only news and help that I can offer you.
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    There is no way to transfer music between iPods directly. Some folks have suggested this is one of Apple's ways to prevent piracy, and that may be true.

    You'll have to keep all the music on the computer; I suggest syncing the shuffle to its own playlist(s).