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I've had my Apple Bluetooth keyboard for 5 months paired with my Mac Mini with built in Bluetooth. Occasionally it has lost its connection and I easily fixed the problem by re-paring the keyboard but now my mac is password protected from sleep. Now, today it lost its connection again when i picked up the keyboard to wipe some dust off.

I tried resetting by turning off/on the power button the bottom of keyboard several times and allowing it to wait for up to 15 minutes before turning the bluetooth keyboard back on but it just wont work. The green led lights on bottom of keyboard work and show solid green after turning it on and then flash as they should. I even tried restarting my mac and nothing. Oh and I have the latest firmware so that's not it.

I can't re-pair the keyboard to my mac mini because I can't use the keyboard to login and I have no replacement compatible USB keyboard.
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    oh and im using OSX 10.39 Panther
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    anyone visit these forums?
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    Thanks for no help

    great customer service

    I bought a new usb logitwxh wireless keyboard for my pc and plugged it into my mac to login and then paired my apple wireless keyboard to the mac mini. Funny how a logitech wireless keyboard does'nt need pairing but the apple keyboard does.
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    I am suddenly experiencing the same issue.

    20" iMac G4, DT-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter, Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. MacOS X 10.4.2 with all the latest updates and firmware. Battery level is 4 out of 5 bars on both mouse and keyboard.

    This setup has been working fine for some time. When I'm ready to leave the computer, I typically use 'Fast User Switching' to go to the Login screen, turn off my mouse and keyboard, and then push the power button at the back of the computer to force a manual sleep.

    When I return to the computer, I turn on the mouse and keyboard (I have Allow Bluetooth to wake computer enabled), and move and click the mouse a lot until it pairs (usually a few seconds). Then I fiddle on the keyboard until it pairs (usually a few more seconds).

    Now the keyboard has started refusing to pair this way. I have to hard reboot the system - where the system finally tries to repair with a keyboard and after I power cycle the keyboard, the system sees it and asks me to enter a passphrase that it displays to complete the pairing.

    So the system is complete forgetting the previous keyboard pairing and having to reinitialize it from scratch on reboot.
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    I am also experiencing a similar problem with my wireless keyboard. Since changing the batteries, my keyboard no longer pairs with the Mac and this happens every time I log in - its pretty frustrating as like you say the computer is not recognising the previous pairing.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a solution. I have downloaded the latest Bluetooth software and firmware, but this has not helped. Other than throwing the keyboard out of the window and returning to a conventional wired solution, if anyone has any good idea let me know.