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So I have been a Mac user all my life. Yesterday I finally switched to Apple's Mail application from Entourage to make my life more "Mac" and to make the syncing with my iPhone easier. Loved the easy transition.

Unfortunately I have discovered that one "basic" simple thing that Apple has really dropped the ball on in Mail is allowing the address book contacts to override the header information from emails. As a result, when I view my emails in Mail Viewer, all the To: and From: names are different. Makes life VERY difficult to search for emails. Very Very unorganized..

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Maybe create a rule? Or create an applescript? PLEASE!!! Someone help Apple with this... This must be soo embarrassing for them.


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    Hi Guy, and a warm welcome to the forums!

    Maybe I'm not seeing that here on Mail, do you mean the Delivered to is not TO:?
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    BDAqua, I believe the OP is referring to their desire to have the contact name in Address Book override whatever name appears in the From: header of received email. That's not possible (it might be in Entourage), since that would open a Pandora's box of both organizational and legal nightmares, allowing anyone to change that information on a whim. It would also go against the IRC for email, which all mail clients are supposed to abide by.

    Apple's definitely not embarrassed by providing a compliant mail client, but if others, including Microsoft choose not to do that, they are the ones who should be embarrassed.
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    Thanks for the info GS, you seem to know your stuff about Mail, appreciate your input & help!