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Darko Ibrahimpasic1 Level 2 Level 2
Hey guys, as many of you i've purchased new magic mouse and been having problems with lag, and unresponsiveness.. I own a 24' imac which i bought a month before the latest update.. This whole situation is so bad for me that it really renders the mouse useless. However, i did find out few interesting things.. First off it only happens during the time HD is working overtime... For example if i am using apps that load up the cpu after a while it will start to lag. As soon as i turn them off, it all back to normal.. Games as well.. I recently tried to play world of warcraft with the mouse and it worked fine until the game made the imac go into overdrive and fans began spinning fast. The mouse started acting up again.. And most recently I realized it lags like **** when my time capsule is doing a back up.. As soon as time machine finishing working its all back to normal.. Very strange.. still no fix but that's what i could figure out so far.. Try it and see if you have those same symptoms.

15' 2.5 MacBook Pro & 24' 3.0 iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • anthonyweeling Level 1 Level 1
    This is a bluetooth issue.
    I don't know what's really happening, but it's a common problem with bluetooth mice on mac.
    Somehow when the HDD spins too fast, it must affect bluetooth transmission by not giving him enough time to transmit your mouse moves.

    It's not a Magic Mouse problem since this already happened to me on G5 & Mac Pro using a wireless [Mighty] Mouse.
  • Eric ESAD Level 1 Level 1
    I was suddenly having the same annoying problem with my Magic Mouse. Then I realized that it happened after I moved my computer to the other side of my desk. I just moved it back closer to the mouse & it seems to be fine again.
  • TheTerrierFromHell Level 1 Level 1
    I've got a similar problem with a Macbook Pro 17" (2009) and the Magic Mouse although the mouse works perfectly in Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (bluetooth software version 2.2.4f3) but stutters a lot in Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit bootcamped).

    My girlfriend also has a magic mouse but has to use windows at work and the mouse stutters under Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) on a Dell XPS M1730 and a HP Pavilion TX2520EA running Windows 7 Pro (64bit) with a Belkin USB bluetooth dongle.

    We're using an Airport Extreme as our wireless router at home (no TimeMachine is enabled) but the stuttering occurs in our work environments and in our home environment by about the same amount.

    My Apple Mighty Mouse has absolutely no issues in Windows 7 on any of these machines so I can only assume there is something specific with the firmware in the Magic Mouse and the Windows Bluetooth stack.

    I'll head over to the Apple store when the shops are open and see if there is an official solution as I've tried the latest Bluetooth update from Apple to no avail and I don't want to have to keep switching mice every time I have to boot into windows.
  • RenoVI Level 1 Level 1
    Having same issue, just started after doing some intense backups onto a External Hard Drive on my local network though, wasn't sure if there might be an issue since the WiFi router is very close to the mouse and the computer, everything is in the proximity of a 4 ft desk though so there could be some interference, but really annoying i thought my brand new macbook pro was laggin like crazy at first until i tried a new mouse. Everything is current and updated so i really hope they figure this out
  • sachi Level 1 Level 1
    My Magic mouse get slow down when I'm copying some file between two computers in my local network or syncing.
    Until copying the file between computers can't use my mouse. It's really annoying. Actually I gave up about 4 weeks ago when Applecare support center sent to me an another brand new magic mouse and had the same issue with it, since then I don't use my magic mouse.
    I've got the newest Airport Extreme Base station next to my Mac mini connected by Ethernet cable and my iMac is downstairs connected by WiFi N I guess it's an interference issue. I don't understand Apple why doesn't fix this issue, so many people having the same problem.

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  • Paul Burd Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here. Magic Mouse works fine until Time Machine starts to backup my drive (to a Time Capsule). During the backup the mouse lags so much it's unusable.
  • moosecow Level 1 Level 1
    Same issue here. When local network activity is high, the magic mouse seems to crawl pretty badly...
  • gdizzle Level 1 Level 1
    Me too. As soon as Time Machine turns on, my Magic mouse slows to a crawl and I have to get out another mouse which works fine. What is the deal here?? My mouse is inches from the iMac BTW.
  • askipper Level 1 Level 1
    I have 2 magic mouse(s). One at home on my iMac and 1 at work with my Mac Pro.

    The iMac one has worked fine UNTIL my Time Machine blew up the other day so I had to connect over a g network to an old D-Link router - then started getting terrible lag/drop outs including keyboard. Whenever I turned Airport off the problem disappeared. Finally got a new Netgear N router and all fine again. (Time Machine replaced by Apple even though 1 year out of warranty so thanks for that - ebay time though I think!)

    Now, the MacPro - just lagging all the time - back on wired Might Mouse again. The Mac Pro is about 4 feet away from the Magic Mouse. If I move the mouse to within a foot or so of the Mac Pro the lagging disappears. Airport is NOT turned on on the Mac Pro.

    So, for me - 2 problems and both relate to the bluetooth capabilities of Macs:
    1 - iMac - interference with wireless network
    2 - Mac Pro - bluetooth not strong enough

    So, what to do? The iMac issue is resolved by switching back to a n signal. The Mac Pro issue cannot be resolved without moving my Mac Pro which can't happen due to office/desk/sockets layout.

    Does anyone know of a bluetooth signal booster for Mac Pro?
  • elastic Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X
    Well, i have found the problem once and for all - i had to rewire my bluetooth and airport connectors in the bottom of my mac pro.

    I was reading article saying that on a lot of the mac pros the wiring was labelled wrong, it would still work but was a weak signal, so i followed this guys diagram and instructions on how to rewire them correctly, and sure enough everything is perfect now.

    There were like a thousand other people on this thread i was reading that did exactly the same thing (all mac pro owners) and it worked for every one of them.

    Still dissapointed that after spending that much money on a mac that i had to go in and rewire it myself.

    it seems the larger apple are becoming the more and more sluggish they are getting on some things, not everything, but some aspects of their game have slipped.
    (and i'm not just talking about the wiring of mac pros)

    Hope that helps anyone

  • askipper Level 1 Level 1
    Hey elastic - got a link for that re-wiring job on the mac pro? I really like the magic mouse so would like it for work as I get sick of the might mouse crap-in-the-ball-thing problem atll the time

  • csl Level 1 Level 1
    I purchased a magic mouse and I have been using it with my early 2008 core 2 duo MBPro. Works fine unless there is a wireless time machine backup to my 1TB timecapsule going on. Then it lags and jumps which of course makes it pretty useless. I have not noticed the problem with large copies to a firewire external disk. So I suspect it is WiFi-BT interaction somewhere.

    Would love to see a fix cause right now I need to turn off TM unless I will be away for an extended period of time.... and I mean extended given the slow speeds of routine Time machine backups to Timecapsule.
    Suggestions welcome.
  • azpc Level 1 Level 1
    A quick update to the jumpy mouse saga:

    After a year of problems with a jumpy mouse (see videos below) *I purchased a Magic Mouse to see if the Magic Mouse would solve the jumpiness issue. It did but the tracking speed was very slow. Therefore, I installed MouseZoom to increase the tracking speed. After installing MouseZoom I started noticing the jumpy mouse problems again.*

    _*This finding is very interesting!*_

    _*It implies that the faster the mouse movement the more likely one is to see an erratic mouse with the pointer making unrequested jumps around the screen.*_

    My hypothesis is that the operating system or processor is not allocating enough resources to the mouse if the tracking speed is set to a high level.

    _*The "jumpy mouse" problem seems to be far worse when the hard disk is running - either copying or downloading a large file*_. Some users are reporting that watching a high resolution flash video will also cause the mouse to skip and jump.

    I have tried three routers (two linksys, one Airport Extreme, three bluetooth mice, unplugging all peripherals still the same result.

    I am certain the problem is software related because the same exact mice work perfectly in Bootcamp 2.1 and Bootcamp 3.0 in Windows XP SP3.

    _*Youtube now has two videos showing the problem*._ You can view the videos here:

    If you are suffering from similar problems may I suggest three actions:

    * Use the Quicktime X screen recording function to record a video of the problem.

    * Post the video to YouTube.

    * Contact Apple Care and share your video problem description with them.

    * Send a note referencing the video and description to

    Category: Mac OSX Feedback
    Feedback Type: Bug Report
    Feedback Area: Peripheral/Device Support

    I will update this video to let you know if the problem has been solved. I am hopeful that Apple will be able to find the source of the problem and solve it quickly. I really like my Mac and I can hardly wait for the problem to be resolved.

    Here is hoping that 10.63 will resolve this issue once and for all!
  • thornjm Level 1 Level 1
    I had this same problem and I could not work out what was going on. After reading these discussions I noted that it only occurred during wifi usage.

    I had just bought a replacement TimeCapsule and that is when I first noticed the problem. The only thing that I could think I had set up differently between the old TimeCapsule and the new one was possibly the wifi Channel.

    So I went into Airport Utility and changed the 5GHz Channel to the highest one I could and I have had no problems for the last 2 days. It appears that 5GHz networks and bluetooth may interfere…

    Are you guys also using 5GHz networks?
    Does changing the channel help?
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