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I haven't updated or used itunes in a while and when I went to start it up I was told to update it, of course apple constantly makes improvements. So I did as instructed and when it came to installing the new update an error accorded stating that my itunes.msi file was missing so I read up and all I could find was to uninstall everything. So as I doing the uninstalls I ran into a problem apparently you can't install uninstall or update itunes without an itunes.msi file so I can lost. I haven't ever uninstalled itunes since I bought the computer back in February so I have been kind a stuck the last week and I am about to go nuts. All my files are stranded and I have no way of getting to them.

All it keeps saying is missing itunes.msi file

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    Missing msi problems usually respond to cleaning up installer files with the Microsoft Installer clean up utility.
    here is a method:

    == uninstall with cleanup ==
    Download a fresh copy of iTunes and the stand alone version of Quicktime (the one without iTunes)


    Save the files on your PC.

    Download and install Microsoft Installer cleanup utility, there are instructions on the page as well as the download. Note that what you download is the installer not the program – you have to run it to install the program. The installer doesn't give any message to confirm the installation.


    (To run the program – All Programs>>Windows Install)

    Now use the following method to remove iTunes and its components:


    *If you hit a problem with one of the uninstalls don't worry*, carry on with the deleting of files and folders as directed in the method.

    When you get to deleting Quicktime files in the system32 folder as advised in the method, you can delete any file or folder with Quicktime in the name.

    Restart your PC.

    Run the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. (Start > All Programs > Windows Install Clean Up)

    Remove any references you find to the programs you removed - strictly speaking you only need to worry about those programs where the uninstall failed.

    If you don’t see an entry for one of the programs that did not uninstall, look out for blank entries or numeric entries that look like version numbers e.g. 7.x for Quicktime or 1.x for Bonjour.

    restart your PC

    Install the stand alone Quicktime and check that it works.

    If it does, install iTunes.