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A few weeks ago I bought a new MacBook Pro which is my first Mac with a SuperDrive so I am finally ready to ditch the VHS-C camcorder for digital. The main application is to film my daughter's horse lessons for later review.

Between the mfrs releasing new models so often and the bugs I'm reading about in this forum, I'm wondering if I should take my MBP to the store and actually try to import video???

For example, one Samsung camcorder I was looking at had two reviews posted on Amazon, one said that import to iMovie was perfect, the other claimed the aspect ratio was always wrong. Hard to tell from that whether it will work or not!

The list of compatible camcorders posted by Apple is not up to date and doesn't even mention many brands out there never mind particular models. If I stick with the models on the list, it narows my choices quite a bit.

Being a firm believer in only buying hardware that will run with my software, I'm interested in advice from others about how to proceed with shopping.

MBP 13" Intel Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.1)