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But it will play if I select the song by album, artist or playlist first. But everytime I try to select an individual song from the song menu, it crashes and spits me back out to the home screen. It also crashes when I try to select the "more" menu from inside the iPod app.

Just happened this morning. Was playing music fine last night. No new updates installed. I just turned off my iPhone and left it plugged in to my computer over night.

Tried restarting the iPhone (power off and back on), tried resetting the iPhone (power and home screen for 10 secs), and tried force-quitting the iPod app and reopening but I still have the same issue.

At my work computer, so I can't try resynching until I get home. Any other suggestions/fixes?

iMac G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    More details:

    App also crashes when I try to select a genius playlist (though I never use this feature, so not sure if that's new). But I can create on-the-go playlists and play all songs off the iPhone that way if I wanted to.

    When I launch the iPod app, it shows the "songs" selection screen by default, even though at the bottom, the "albums" tab is selected.

    When I reclick "albums" it changes the screen to sort by album. If I had clicked the "songs" apon launching the iPod app, the screen wouldn't change, but the tab would now move over to highlight "songs".

    Hoping it's just a synch mixup but still searching for a solution...
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    UPDATE: Just a sync issue. Everything works fine now that I connected it to my computer again.