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  • theotherkiwi Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Once installed my device showed drivers for an Apple Wireless Mouse by Apple Inc. v3.0.0.5
  • MickRoss Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Yep that has worked now. I was using Bluesolei software to manage bluetooth. deleted the mouse. removed the software, back to HP / windows 7 bluetooth management software and restarted. Then found everything okay. vertical scroll working brilliantly. thank you
  • theotherkiwi Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Cool. You may also want to lower the sensitivity of the mouse otherwise it can feel a bit out of control.

    By default, my machine was set to move 3 lines for each scroll wheel movement. With this mouse, only 1 or 2 lines are required because you have a fairly large surface area to use the scroll finger gesture on.
  • Tobstar007 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    That link and the links on uneasysilence are down now. I can't find the drivers anywhere.
  • theotherkiwi Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I found them on but I hate to say it but it goes without saying, just google it!

    You can either get the drivers themselves or the BT update exe file and use RAR tools to extract the driver exe files from it.
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    Right. Not being funny, but I literally cannot find the Windows 7 32bit Magic Mouse drivers ANYWHERE on the internet. I've been on, I've googled up to my eyeballs. Could someone please link me to the drivers download?

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    I could not get my Magic Mouse to pair with Windows 7 after upgrading in BootCamp from Windows XP.

    I read all sorts of "solutions" online that did not work. Then, I went through several hours of talking to support people at Mac, then they referred me to Microsoft, and the support person there could not help either.

    I was directed to call back to Mac support by Microsoft, and while I was on the phone waiting to connect with the Mac Tech support once again, I tried again to pair my Magic Mouse with Windows 7. I right-clicked this time on the mouse in the add-a-device window and found a properties option. I clicked on it, and lo and behold a little box was on the next page. That box asked if I wanted to add the driver for my device. Even though the driver was already there as verified by the Mac tech support the first time I called them. When I clicked on the box a dialog window popped up immediately and added the driver, and bingo my mouse is now magic again. No reinstalling Windows 7 as suggested, no adding and removing the mouse on the mac side, etc. Try it, it is easy and it works
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    That's how the "Add a device" window works. It shows the detected hardware then allows you to add a driver. The driver loaded previously would have been the HID driver that Windows 7 adds for any generic mouse connection.
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    Exactly, but the tier 1 and 2 support at Windows didn't know how to make the generic driver quit loading instead of the Boot Camp driver. They kept referring me back to Mac support, and yet it's their software?
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    Thanks! The steps you outlined work perfectly. I right-clicked on the "Add A Device" button, clicked the checkbox for the BlueTooth services support driver, and now my magic mouse works perfectly in Windows 7.
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    I've followed the information here and successfully installed a Magic Mouse on an Acer 64 bit Win 7 machine. Horizontal and vertical scrolling works. I ended up using the AppleBcUpdate.exe download as it seems the most recent (version of the mouse driver). Thanks to all.

    Unfortunately, there are a few things that don't work. I'm not sure if they should work of it they are just not supported in Windows or outside of Bootcamp. In particular,

    - horizontal scrolling in IE 8.0.7600 (does work in Firefox 3.6.9 and many other apps)
    - two finger swipe (e.g., navigate back in a browser) does not work anywhere that I can see
    - tap to click. To do left or right mouse click I have to physically click the mouse as opposed to just tapping the surface

    Reading over the posts here, there does not seem to be definitive information about what is and is not supported in NON-BOOTCAMP installs of Windows and some people say they have various of the above working. Can someone in the know clarify?

    I do wonder about the drivers. When I look in the control panel under Mouse and pointing devices the driver there is a Microsoft driver from some time ago (though it is "located of Apple Wireless Mouse"). Under the HID section there is the Apple Wireless Mouse that appears to have the drivers. Not sure if this setup is right. Note I did also install the broadcomm drivers that are part of the AppleBcUpdate.exe but that did not seem to change anything.

    Thanks for any help.
  • DasLicht Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)

    Dead Link.

    However, I got the mouse fully working , but when I restart Windows7x64 the Mouse is not found automatically. To make it work again I have to remove the Device(uninstall it) and research for it, which is a quite tedious process which takes ages.

    How to make Windows 7x64 find the Magic mouse after booting automatically ?

    An up-to-date step-by-step guide would clarify things.

    This is the Driver Driver I tried:
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    I love my Magic Mouse so much that I decided to buy one for my mum, for her new Windows 7 Asus laptop (I tried.. believe me I tried)

    It works for a little while and then stops.
    I can bring it back by disabling the bluetooth and then reenabling it, and reconnecting the device (actually I think I have to delete it as a known device and then re-pair)

    It looks like the Asus forgets it after a period of inactivity, but I can't be sure because I don't use it

    I'd love to get this sorted out for her, once she realised how good it all is maybe we can finally ditch her Asus and buy a nice MBP for her, until then though, I'd greatly appreciate your help!

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    Not sure if this link will help but sounds like it may address your problem. I am still trying to just get it to pair with my windows 7.
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