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hi everyone,
I had bought an iPod touch 2G (32GB) from Germany this summer and currently I am staying in India. I had my iPod touch updated to 3.1.1 and it was working perfectly. But somehow I had left it back at home *switched off* for almost a month when I was on a study tour to another place. On returning back, when I connected it to iTunes, nothing was working.. no apps.. no songs/vid... no wifi/bluetooth.. itunes asked me to restore the ipod.. and after upgrading to 3.1.2, music/vid/apps are all working perfectly.. except the greyed out "no wifi" and "no bluetooth".. the Apple Support page for soft reset, restore and blah blah.. all done.. but no results..

The jailbroking and "swifi fix" won't work for me, since I cant downgrade the firmware to ≤ 1.1.4 on a iPod touch 2G..

Can anyone suggest me anything that can be done? and I don't think I can replace my iPod 'cause I stay in India and I had bought it from Germany during a study tour..

thanking you in advance

iPod touch 2G (32GB), iPhone OS 3.1.2