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The issue I'm having with Snow Leopard is that I can bind accounts to AD and on the first boot it works perfectly. It shows Network Accounts Available and I can login using an AD account. After I reboot and on every boot after the first it then shows Network Accounts Unavailable. I logged in as local admin and it shows it is bound to the domain and it has a green light under the Directory Utility for the domain.

Here are the main bits of info regarding this problem:

1. Computer is bound to domain on first boot using Deploy Studio's firstboot script. This works brilliantly on 10.5 and only became a problem on 10.6.

2. On first boot, it binds to the domain correctly and shows Network Accounts Available. I can log in using a network account and everything is peachy.

3. If I reboot the machine, the status on the loginbox changes to Network Accounts Unavailable and has a red light.

4. If I've logged in to an AD account on first boot, it will log in even with the red light present (it is a mobile account). This is working properly.

5. If I try to log in using an account that has never logged in before, it will not log it in.

6. If I login in as local admin and check the Directory Utility, it shows the machine as being properly bound to the domain and has a green light even thought the login box shows a red one.

These are all the facts surrounding this issue that I have at the moment. I am booting up a 10.5 image right now that is freshly imaged and will report back its behavior using the same AD binding script that is being used on the 10.6 image.

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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