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I have an early 06 iMac.I have a pretty full HD.but have all my data backed up to an external HD.I want to update to Leopard and clear my HD.to make room for Photoshop CS and lightroom.My question is do I need to worry that my machine is too old and not up to the task of intense photo work.

iMac intel, Mac OS X (10.4.9), 2GIG
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    I've never heard of machines becoming inherently slower from age. I'm guessing that the first thing that is likely to break on an imac is the HD, which can be replaced (though getting inside the machine is probably a pain). It might happen soon, it might not happen in a few more years. It's difficult to tell as far as HD's are concerned. The smart status indicator on the disk utility application may help but that is not always a reliable warning of HD failure. Just assume that HD failure can happen anytime and backup accordingly.

    You should probably also ensure that there always a certain portion of free space inside your HD. Keeping the HD close to full will likely cause problems. Buy some extra HD space and offload/backup your work. Keep at copies of important files on at least 2 data units (HD's, DVD's, usb sticks etc). I consider this important when you are about to upgrade and OS as you will want to have at least 2 copies of important files in existence at all times.

    If you are upgrading to another OS you will have to decide which install option method to use. Upgrade, archive/install and erase/install. Upgrade is the easiest route. If you run into software problems after using Upgrade, then you might have to reinstall using erase/install. Archive/install is also a good method but if you HD is almost full, you might not be able to use this option. Erase/install is a safe way to ensure that you will have a clean system and the fewest problems, however this method deletes everything on your system so you have to ensure that you have everything you need backed up onto another HD, DVD, USB etc.

    I don't think your machine is too old. Just take the proper precautions regardless of whether your machine is old or new.

    Hope that helps.