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After charging ipod on a docking station, it got very hot and now does not turn on at all, does not charge and is not recognised when plugged into any computer.
It won't respond to a restore action. I think it might be dead but does anyone have any bright ideas? thanks

ipod 3rd generation nano
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    I have the same issue with mine. Mine only gets to a slightly dim gray screen but is not recognized by iTunes to do a reformat.
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    I just had my 3rd gen nano worked on for these exact same simptoms, I thought is was just the battery. I is the mother board and they said it cost too much to bother repairing. I had my ipod for about 1 and 1/2 years. I thought it would last longer than that.
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    I've seen this on a couple of 3rd Gen's my theory is that the part of the circuit that charges the battery is damaged. if you were to replace you battery, I bet your ipod would work... until the battery went dead. This is what I have experienced. there is no easy or economical way to repaid the Logic board. Trade it in for 10% off a new one or sell it for parts
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    Same thing happened to my 3rd generation nano. Where would you take it to have it worked on? And where would you trade it in? Directly from apple website?
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    You can send it here: http://www.iresq.com or Google for other 3rd party repair sites.

    To recycle it, for 10% off the price of a new one, you have to go to a brick and mortar Apple Store.
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    Just spoke to irescue. They said it is most likely the board that is bad. It would cost 75.00 to 100.00 dollars to replace it. Obviously it really does not pay. This thing is only 2 years old and has gotten light use. My friends old ipod died in about 2 years as well. A poor testimonial for Apple products!!
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    And yet there are others here using 1st Generation iPods still. Such is the nature of small electronics.