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I recently bought an iPod Touch and everything was working fine. It wasn't until I found out that all of my internet applications were running/connecting at a very slow speed with my connection, that I started becoming a little curious on to why this was. I'm using a Linksys router (will add version (if needed) when I can) that normally runs at a steady connection speed of 54.0 Mbps. I can access every page (that I normally visit) just fine, but this is completely different on my iPod touch. I connected to my internet connection using my WEP key, and am able to load www.google.com just fine. I can ping my iPod from my computer with 1/3 packets going through. I can also ping my gateway from my iPod with 3/3 packets going through. The only website I can access without a problem from my iPod is Google - anything else takes quite a long time (a few minutes (which is quite long for internet)).

The odd thing about this is that when I connect to my friend's unsecured internet connection, all the apps and websites load just fine; they only take a couple of seconds.

I did a little test on my internet connection. I changed the type of encryption from WEP 64 to WEP 128 to WPA, and they all didn't change the speed of my iPod internet connection. I did remove the security encryption completely and connected with my iPod, and everything was able to load very quickly.

Now that I know that it's the encryption, can someone explain to me why this is?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Is the router's firmware updated?

    If so, you may want to reset the settings to the default, then reapply any changes and see if that helps.

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    From what I am reading, after searching around, WEP significantly hurts the speed of your connection, due to encrypting every piece of data that is sent and received, if I am understanding this correctly. I do still find it odd however that it is so slow on your connection.

    I don't believe it is something that a firmware update is going to fix. You'll simply have to do without it.
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    You can also try using OpenDNS, a free service for all. Go into your router's settings and enter the two OpenDNS addresses:, and

    Rather than using your ISP's DNS (domain name service, what translates web addresses to IP addresses), this routes your browsing through OpenDNS. It may help or it may not speed things up for you, but it is very easy (and free) to try, and there's no risk or obligation. If nothing else it is a great service that lets you filter out certain traffic on your network (e.g. drugs, violence, ***********, etc.)

    If you do this, you will have to make your Touch forget your network, then re-connect it and re-enter your passphrase. Alternatively you could edit the Touch's settings to enter the DNS addresses once you enter them into router's settings.
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    rockmyplimsoul wrote:, and

    Correction -- the DNS addresses for OpenDNS are:, and