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I recently downloaded windows 7 and it is running well on my computer. However, itunes will not complete downloads (I was testing with a video podcast) - they start and then stop halfway through, and give error 3259. I have run the connectivity diagnostic, checked my firewall, uninstalled and reinstalled itunes and it still doesn't work. My anti virus program is AVG - could this be affecting the downloads? Is there anything else that I can do?

Other OS, Windows 7
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    Very similar issue for me. I copied my Vista profile to my server and installed Windows 7 Pro. Reinstalled all apps, copied data from old profile back into new one. iTunes loaded with everything EXACTLY as it was before (right down to playcount on songs and everything). For several days, no problem downloading video podcasts. A few days ago, that changed. Out of the blue, it would disconnect me 50-80% of the way through the download and give me error 3259 (& 9006 once). I've read online how it's due to firewall settings, antivirus and old iTunes. I was running iTunes 9.0.1 and it would not permit me to update to 9.0.2 so I downloaded it and installed on my own. Still have the problem. The firewall whitelisted iTunes and I opened up recommended ports as well. No change. I'm using AVG free so it doesn't have a firewall. With Vista, I used McAfee but then I had Windows 7 working fine with AVG and allowing downloads until this sudden change.

    The recommended fixes DO NOT work. Changing firewall settings changes nothing. The antivirus has no firewall and no settings for any kind of whitelisting of iTunes anyways. Updating iTunes changes nothing. I can still download the podcasts manually through Firefox or using my Mac Mini running OS X Server (10.5). Given how it worked at one time, nothing changed, then it suddenly stopped, I'm at a loss.

    I did get two to download today but I changed nothing before they started and then the third in line to download failed.

    I haven't been on Apple discussions lately but since it is a forum, my background is entirely IT. It's how I make my living (troubleshooting in general). It's possible I have overlooked something but given the recommended fixes out there so far and all the variations on them that I have tried, it is unlikely. The issue must be caused by something other than firewall settings, antivirus or iTunes version. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open. I'm getting tired of using Windows LiveSync to keep podcasts updated on this Windows 7 laptop.

    Any help finding the actual fix for this problem is greatly appreciated.
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    Since I made this original post I managed to fix it. It turns out I had to reset my proxy server settings in internet explorer. Apparently itunes uses explorer to connect, even if you have another browser set as your default. So if you are still having problems, that could be something to check . . .
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    No proxy settings (no proxy used at all on this network). I think whatever triggered the program to start telling me there was an update but would not let me update was related to some sort of corruption, possibly buried in the registry, and that is causing it. If that is the case, if anyone else here knows, PLEASE tell me: if I can back up my entire Music folder and iTunes Program Files folder, will that preserve ALL of my settings (playcount, playlists, etc.)? I ask because I'm tempted to completely remove iTunes, then go into the registry and completely nuke anything remotely related to iTunes and completely reinstall from scratch (yay saving all install files to the LAN's Mac server). So if I go that far, will backing up the two folders be enough? I suspect so but do not know since copying the contents of both preserved my settings between Vista and 7.

    If all else fails, I could always nuke the Mac's iTunes folder, copy settings and such from this laptop to it, then sync the entire Music folder so playing it here matches it there (on the server) then use the server to sync the phone in case of updates but that's a bit of a pain for just getting downloads to work.
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    Another quick update: all iPhone app updates download. One looked like it might time out but it downloaded (7 in a row did). I'm not going to spend money to try buying a song to download. Why would ONLY video podcasts not download and ONLY on this computer when all settings are precisely what Apple says they must be? Does Windows use the same ports for everything that Mac does? This is the only Windows box in the house and it is the only one having trouble.
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    Sorry to post so many times but I tried downloading free videos from iTunes the same size (or bigger) than the video podcasts and they downloaded without issue. This issue is specific to subscribed video podcasts. Given how specific the issue is, there is absolutely NO WAY the issue is on my end. And I doubt Apple uses different ports for each type of download from within the iTunes store, so I doubt the port is the problem.

    Anyone from Apple have any info on when we can expect an update to the iTunes store's server software or a patch for people like me to fix this? It's definitely out of my hands now.
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    Thanks for posting everthing you tired, I too had this error start yesterday and after reading your posts I too tries downloading without a subscription and can verify the same happened here, no problem downloading it at all. I have to agree, it looks like something is amiss with the Apple store somewhere.
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    I have the same issue too. It affects all of my podcasts video or not. If I keep stopping it and starting it several times it seems to to finally get the download. It also seems that one stubborn download affects them all that are being downloaded at the same time as if I restart the others indiviual they complete until I get to the stubborn one. I had no issue on Vista just after upgrading to Windows 7.
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    Oddly enough, it seems to have fixed itself now.
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    Two of my 3 have downloaded successfully. The third is downloading now. I won't consider it fixed until it does this at least 3-4 days in a row with no problems. I suspect something caused the Apple server to drop connections midway through with Windows 7.
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    I purchased a season of a TV series. 23 episodes. 16 downloaded successfully. 7 of them repeatedly stop & give me "err = 8008." I've deleted, done the "Check for available downloads" thing, restarted iTunes, restarted my computer .... Each time I do "Check for available downloads," the 7 episodes appear in the downloads window, each showing the point at which it originally stopped (e.g., 20mg out of 530MG).
    Any ideas? I upgraded to the latest iTunes, because when I bought the series, there was a note that said I need the latest iTunes for some episodes.
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    Are you going through a router wirelessly or are you hard wired in? It could be a compatibility issue with your router or it could be the drivers you are using for your network controller. Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here http://tinyurl.com/9fhdl5 . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams.
    You may want to check the threads available there for additional assistance and feedback.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team