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  • BellaMichelle Level 2 Level 2

    Just to clarify, my USB hub was powered and, at many times, did not even have anything plugged in to it.  I bought the hub for when I want iPhone and iPad to be plugged in.  Once I removed the powered hub, it has worked just fine, waking upon sleep every time.  It has been several weeks so far. 



  • DarleenMB Level 1 Level 1

    So far, so good.


    I unplugged my POWERED usb hub last week and did the wi-fi thingie.  And so far I just let it go to sleep on its own but no more comas.


    I don't get this as hubby's iMac, which is identical to mine, has a powered hub attached and has NEVER had this issue.  I bought both computers at the same time so that isn't it either.




    Oh well.  As long as it quits the coma thing I guess I can swap usb plugs out the back when I need to change them.

  • shannonfromsimi Level 1 Level 1

    A clarification on my part...  I don't, and never have had a hub connected to my 21.5".  It hasn't had a coma since I turned off the Wake for Internet Access (so far!!).


    We'll see.....

  • Dookert Level 1 Level 1

    It is RIDICULOUS, that this many people are having problems with something so rudimentary. Especially a problem like this comming from a mac! Arent mac's supposed to just WORK!? I am typing this from my parents 27 inch iMAC running 10.6.7 with the magic pad or whatever. There computer will, at random, just refuse to wake from sleep. It is displaying identical symptoms to the other 21 pages of responses users have listed in this "support" forum. A support forum which I have not seen one apple rep at least chime in on. Probably because they can't rape you with support charges and therefore they don't give a #$%@! Honestly have never seen such a glaring problem affect so many people with new computers, especially Mac's, and get nothing but quirky, idiosycratic answers on how to fix it from Apple and the like. The thing works almost flawlessly in every measurable way except for this CRIPPLING oversight by Apples firmware and software developers.


    I love how the response everyone seems to be getting from the arrogant douche bags at the genius bar is to shut your computer down at night. What if I dont want to, putting it to sleep shuts down most of the energy hogging internals and peripherals that make up the computer. On a machine this expensive, basic computer functioins such as putting your freakin computer to sleep should just work, PERIOD. I should be able to use the sleep function on my computer, not be told that I should shut it down at night. The computer not being able to wake from sleep is a malfunciton, a failure to deliver on Apples part, and a huge one at that.


    I personally run ubuntu 10.4 (linux) on my Sony Vaio, an operating system that is as rock solid, if not more, than OSX and is by the way, free! Amazingly, it will wake from sleep!) I ran the iMac on a ubuntu thumbdrive OS for two days and low and behold, no wake from sleep issues. Worked without fail. This needs to be remedied by Apple soon because I am getting sick and tired of making house calls for my parents brand new computer that was screwed up the minute it was taken out of the box.

  • huskyrichhome Level 1 Level 1

    Yepp, the bluetooth setting had changed - once I set it to what was suggested in this topic, it all worked again  - horay!!!

  • Patachin77 Level 1 Level 1

    104607 View304 Replies and 0 Apple solution.

    My first mac is a disappointment.

  • WaianaeBrent Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue. I have and Intel based iMac 21.5". My computer would sometimes require a power off just to get the display to light up. It was still powered up because the volume up/down keys would work. I put up with this for a few weeks. I decided to take it in for repairs. Apple found that the display LED backlight circuitboard was defective and had to be replaced. Fortunately my iMac was still under warranty. You might want to get yours checked out before the warranty expires. The only bad part about all this was I had to use my old Windows based laptop until the repair was completed (about 12 days).

  • DarleenMB Level 1 Level 1

    It does NO good to come here and sound off like that.  What do you expect to accomplish?


    there have been several good suggestions posted in this thread.


    I, personally, have had success by doing the Wi-Fi reset.  I had also unplugged my USB hub but yesterday plugged it back in and so far have had NO problems.


    If your parents' iMac STILL has these issues it needs to go back to the store.


    NO product line is 100% free of defects 100% of the time.  Apple is better than most but they cannot control everything.  That's what QA is for at the FACTORY.


    So my advice is go back to your sony vaio and take your nasty attitude with you.

  • Dookert Level 1 Level 1

    BAHHAHAHHHAA! Nasty attitude, I just speak the truth and you dont like it. Look like 1 or 2 posts above you. Hundreds of posts, ZERO responses from apple. I expect to accomplish exactly what you gave me. This is a defect,  a crippling defect in firmware/software that is wide spread.


    This isnt some compatibility issue, or a blue tooth connection problem, or a mouse not working, or a hardware defect and on and on it could go. This is the computer going to sleep and having to be force restarted. and its WIDE SPREAD. Just by the amount of posts on here I bet it ranges in the tens of thousands. You shouldnt have to do any "wifi reset" or anything at all. You shouldnt have to bring a computer back to the store from something that is NOT a hardware issue, cause this isnt. This should have been fixed a LONG time ago.


    This goes well beyond product lines being free of defects 100% of the time. Ive used Macs for a long time and Apple support is by far the most pompous, arrogant, and blame deflecting help line I've ever dealt with. Worse than AT&T, and theyre bad.


    My Dads never had a mac before and I suggested it to him because hes so computer illiterate and manages to get a virus on his PC's the day he gets them. This was and I still believe a good choice. Sad to say though, this has left such a bitter taste in his mouth, and Apple so unhelpful shiffting the blame around, he just brought the thing back and wont buy another mac again ever. Not like they care cause their sales are through the roof because people like you Darleen cant get enough of being seen in a starbucks with your Apple laptop; showing everyone how unique and creative you are while at the same time theres twelve other people with the same computer all around you.

  • COSwede Level 1 Level 1



    I agree with you wholeheartedly - I'm shocked Apple hasn't fixed this issue (whatever it may be) given the scope/magnitude of the problem.  If Apple hadn't replaced my machine with a new unit (no issues yet - fingers crossed), I probably would have returned it to the store and sworn Apple off forever.  Additionally, Apple is well aware of this issue and seem to have come up with a scripted response/gameplan that passes the customer between stations (Level 1, 2, 3, & repeat) for several weeks before finally giving in and replacing the machine.  I surmise this plan is designed to frustrate customers and leave them shrugging their shoulders and just deciding that they must compromise with a machine that doesn't have all of the functionality advertised. 

    What shocks me the most about the Apple community (from my brief interactions on this topic) is how understanding everyone is "this apple doesn't work as advertised, but is sure looks great and the rest of it is just wonderful!".  Where is the outrage?  Where are the demands to rectify the situation?  You have all paid an exhorbinant amount of money for a computer that is supposed to work.  The energy savings associated with the sleep function is one of the selling points, yet the solution they touted to me was to turn off this functionality. 

    Whatever - they replaced my computer after hours of effort and weeks of waiting.  I'm surprised they aren't doing the same for everyone still within their warantee period who compain of the same issue.


    Good luck, all.

  • smelcheung Level 1 Level 1

    Problems seems to be fixed.


    So far since June 10 I have not had any wake problems since my last post. ( It would normally freeze at least once if not twice)

    As suggested I deleted the sleep image file.




    No changes have been made on my mac. No USB hubs just the stock setup with original iMac wireless keyboard and mouse.


    Anyone else try this solution

  • furrytoes Level 2 Level 2

    if I had a "sleepimage" in var/vm, I would try it.

    @mymac /var/vm ls -a

    .        ..        swapfile0    swapfile1    swapfile2

  • furrytoes Level 2 Level 2

    I've pretty much eliminated my other USB devices from being involved in this.

    Since yesterday my iMac didn't wake from sleep, despite my external USB drive being turned off & having been already ejected. I didn't have any other devices (apart from usb keyboard & bluetooth mouse) plugged in & connected.

    I've already tried turning my bluetooth magic-mouse off... it didn't help either.

  • BellaMichelle Level 2 Level 2

    furrytoes, did you unplug the usb port?  I am not sure what you mean when you say your usb drive being turned off and ejected.. if ejected does NOT mean completely unplugged from your imac, do try that, it was an instant solution for me.



  • furrytoes Level 2 Level 2

    Hi BellaMichelle,


    Eject is the same concept as ejecting a CD from the drive.


    So I "Eject" the USB drive from the mac and it no longer sees anything on the drive. In finder, you actually right-click & choose "Eject" (if I remember correctly).


    So not completely unplugged, no.


    I'll try it unplugged, but if I have to physically unplug my USB drive from the back of the Mac every day, then it's hardly any less convenient than the problem in the 1st place ;-)


    It'd be easier to restart the Mac when it fails to wake up.


    Especially since I'll probably forget to connect it back, then TimeMachine won't work, & I'll lose backups.

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