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We have a new MacMini Server running snow leopard 10.6 OS X Server. We have two iMac machines which work from files stored on the server.

We have an external drive connected to the MacMini which we use as a Time Machine.

Time Machine runs and backups files as it should do. We can access these files directly on the external drive.

When running the time machine app to view the files nothing seems to happen. Finder opens a window (sometimes two) but none of the other Time Machine elements are shown. If we exit the window then a white horizontal box appears just above the dock for a second (like a graphics error) then everything returns to normal.

What's going on?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Same problem. Time Machine backs up and file are there, but cannot access the Time Machine program to see the files that way.
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    Same problem here.

    The problem is very old and many other users have experienced this since 2007.
    It is all a consequence of headless server. If osx will not find any display connected will not draw the interface. The problem is also extended to Preview.app and iPhoto. Try opening an image via screen sharing. Basically it doesn't work something with coregraphic when there is not monitor attached IMHO.

    I fear this issue is never going to be fixed as it is very old

    Anyway there 2 workaround.

    1-Plug in a Monitor (you can leave it turned off). It will work like a charm. Otherwise you can build yourself a dummy monitor plug following this guide: http://tvtool.info/go.htm?http://tvtool.info/english/dummy_e.htm

    2-Drag a file from your local computer to the screen sharing program icon in the dock and the interface will redraw with some controls (Works only with Snow Leopard clients, Leopard will not)

    Anyway these are just workarounds!!!

    APPLE FIX THIS!!!!!!
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    Another thing you can do is to access the server backups from the client machines. As long as the clients can access the share that the server is using for Time machine, there should be a .sparsebundle for each client backup and a folder called Backups.backupdb for the server back up.

    To access the last of these, from one of your client computers option-click on the Time Machine logo in the menu bar and select "Browse Other Time Machine Disks". That'll open a window showing the disks available for Time Machine - your server should be in the list. Select it an click "Use Selected Disk" to launch Time Machine showing the same access to the server's files as you have as the user you're logged in as.

    Hope that helps you out.

    Good luck,
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    I've reported this as a bug. The Apple Bug ID is 7711839.
  • Ryan Homer Level 1 (95 points)
    This turned out to be a duplicate bug request. It was originally filed under the original Bug ID# 7503558.